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Monitor is the device for information display that is stored in RAM of a computer; it allows establishing interaction between a user and computer hardware and software.

Modern monitors consist of display, power unit, control boards and enclosure. Graphic card is the hardware element that forms a video signal that is displayed on the monitor.

There is a constant need to download drivers for monitors afresh to keep abreast with the innovations in this sphere. Updating them, a user will enjoy the whole range of display capabilities.

Today, computer monitors are characterized by:

  1. Aspect ratio;
  2. Resolution;
  3. Screen size;
  4. Pixel bit depth;
  5. Pixel size;
  6. Viewing angle;
  7. Screen updates;
  8. Pixel response time.
According to the purpose of function, monitors can be alphabetical-numeric and graphic. Alphabetical-numeric monitors display only limited number of symbols; moreover, they can be printed on the screen only at particular positions. Graphic displays cope with both graphic and text information. The screen is divided into pixels each of which has its own color; the onscreen image is formed out of them.

According to the number of supported colors, monitors are monochrome (display information in one color only, although there can be shades; usually, the data displayed is black and white or green and yellow) and color (they are capable of showing information in millions of different shades).

Regarding the physical principle of image formation, computer displays are:
  • Cathode ray tube (CRT);
  • Liquid-crystal (LCD);
  • Gas and plasma;
  • Light-emitting (LED).
If a user notices some failures in adequate information display, it can be a sign to reinstall monitors drivers. If it hasn’t helped, then it is better to consult a specialist for revealing a true problem.

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