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A keyboard is an input device with the help of which a user brings text data in a computer/laptop for saving or further processing. There are function, control, arrow keys, keyboard and keypad on it. These buttons allow to input letter, symbols and numbers as well as to process a document in any way.

Keyboards can “communicate” with a computer via USB connection (USB cable is connected to motherboard); these are wired keyboards. Nowadays, everything is done to make the process of typing simpler and more comfortable. That’s why wireless ones have been gaining more popularity. They contact with a computer via RF module, IR connection or Bluetooth. If a user intends to start using such, certain keyboards drivers are to be installed.

There exist the following kinds of computer keyboards thus far:

  1. Standard. It is the most widely used type of keyboards; the classic one. Its design has remained unchanged for decades.
  2. Ergonomic. Such keyboards are designed with the aim to reduce strain on joints and muscles in the process of typing and make it more convenient for a user.
  3. Wireless. They can be connected to a computer in one of three ways: via Bluetooth, RF or IR connections.
  4. Compact. Such keyboards are usually integrated into laptops. In some models, producers sacrificed a numeric keypad to adjust a keyboard to the size of laptops and removed some buttons. Instead, they assigned to some of them more functions to compensate this lack.
  5. Internet. Some hot buttons concerning Internet browsing are added (like YouTube, online shopping, etc.). Today, many standard keyboards also have them. If some of the buttons do not function properly, there may be a need to download drivers for keyboards anew.
  6. Gaming. They are developed specifically for gamers and even particular games to make this process more enjoyable.
  7. Virtual. They appear on the screen of a computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone; it can be used via a mouse or touch screen. Besides, there are virtual keyboards that are projected on some surface (or just in space); a user controls it with fingers.

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