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Mobile Phones & Portable Devices

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A mobile phone (a hand phone, cell phone, cellular phone) is a portable device for communication that enables to make calls while being somewhere outdoors, for example. The main thing is that mobile phone network covers the territory where you are and your interlocutor is. Cell phones work via radio links.

Each mobile phone consists of:

  • Battery
  • Display
  • Keypad/touch screen
  • SIM card
  • Subscription to main cell phone services
Most mobile phones have been substituted by smartphones which operate on a par with portable computers so far. Their functions are not restricted by making calls and sending messages. Today’s cell phone combines the features of different electronic devices in one – a computer, digital camera, media player, camcorder, dictophone, PlayStation, personal digital assistant, GPS. That’s why smartphones eagerly interact with computers/laptops – there is often a need to download data to/from it. Mind that to make a PC/laptop communicate with them, it is necessary to download drivers for mobile phones and portable devices at first.

Modern smartphones are characterized by Wi-Fi connectivity, touch screen display, ability to browse the Internet and use social networks actively, possibility to take photos and videos of high resolution, ability to create documents and download apps, etc.

The essence of portable devices is that a user can take them with him/her anywhere. Their design is changed regularly to make them thinner and lighter, although the number of supported functions does not only stay unchanged, but enlarges.

One should keep in mind that there may appear the necessity to download mobile phones and portable devices drivers anew if an OS on a computer/laptop is reinstalled.

Apart from smartphones, portable devices are laptops, tablets, smartwatches, media players, head-mounted displays, digital cameras, navigation devices, camcorders, webcams, external hard discs, etc.

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