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Mice & Touchpads

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A mouse is a pointing device which represents a palm-sized oval with two buttons and a wheel between them on top and a sensor ball below. It is used to operate a cursor, folders and files on a screen.

It does not require fussing about drivers (a producer has provided your computer/laptop with them already), except the situations when a brand new mouse model is going to be used. In such a case, download drivers for mice and touchpads to enjoy the whole potential of it.

Mice can be of several kinds:

  1. Mechanical. A ball inside sends signals to a computer about the changes of mouse position by being moved.
  2. Laser/optical. The principle of functioning is the same as in the previous type; only instead of a rubber ball, an LED sensor is used.
  3. Ergonomic. They are designed to reduce strain on muscles and joints while running a computer. They differ in shape to let a user choose the most convenient for him/her.
  4. With many buttons.
  5. Tactile.
  6. Trackball. Instead of moving a mouse, a user moves the ball on top; it spares much space.
  7. Wireless 3D.
  8. Gaming.
Touchpad fulfills the same functions as a mouse (it puts a cursor at some place in a document; marks information; opens folders, files and programs, etc.), although it looks differently: it is a pad integrated into laptops, portable media players, digital assistants, etc., that responds to a user’s fingers movements. Some touchpads come with two buttons like a mouse. However unlike mice, touchpads can have hot spots which enable a user to perform additional functions with their help or get extra information.

Keep in mind that installing a new OS may make you download mice and touchpads drivers anew if they are not compatible.

Touchpads are considered to be more convenient than mice – they do not require any adapters or wires. Yet, usually it takes some time to get used to them.

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