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Multifunction Devices

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A multifunction device/peripheral (MFD) is a truly wondrous invention, widely used in home and corporate offices to fulfill a range of business tasks. In plain words, this is a machine that incorporates the facilities of a printer, a copier, a scanner, and faxing equipment, being housed into a single case. Moreover, some models allow for creating a centralized document distribution within one network, for sure not without the help of multifunction devices drivers.

The privileges of MFDs are frequently seen through the prism of such aspects, as:

  • better ergonomics. The possibility to save space on the desk and locate the machine in an inconspicuous place in office environment;
  • better management. It’s always feasible to complete several processes at once for just a few minutes or even seconds;
  • better efficiency. Productivity of such devices does not cast doubts in terms of output speed and quality.
Like any other peripheral connected to the PC (or other computer), MFD requires from the user to download drivers for multifunction devices in order to setup appropriate adjustments and optimize its efficiency. Furthermore, depending on the field of application and incorporated options, all multi-purpose units are divided into:
  • AIO small-sized desktop models. They are basically designed for home use and focus their operation on scanning and printing processes. Still, some of them have bundled software that helps in organizing photos, print data from smart-card readers and images from digital cameras.
  • Office machines. These models usually feature mid-sized dimensions and are at ease in office environment. Office units include all existing range of options: printing, scanning, copying, and faxing. Besides, oftentimes they have networked document storage that is available for every user of that particular network.
  • SOHO MFDs. Those are large-scale, freestanding units designed for corporate use. In contrast to traditional office units, these models include only basic options, and might not offer additional storages or authentication functions. Yet, their proper operation relies on updated drivers for multifunction devices.
  • Production printing units. These peripherals are focused not on functionality but on high-quality, speedy output. Therefore, their main target is book creation, production printing, and reprographic processes.

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