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Desktop, a laptop’s predecessor, is a personal computer for office or home usage that consists of a processing unit, monitor, keyboard and mouse. Due to its outer dimensions and the method of power supply, it works only at some particular place in contrast to laptops.

Laptop is a portable personal computer that shares the features of desktop but differs from it with lightweight, relatively small size and wireless productivity. The last feature makes it appropriate for carrying from one place to another and running it anywhere. “Laptop” is the notion that is applied to notebooks, netbooks and smartbooks.

Laptops are quite capable of performing the same tasks as desktops. However, their productivity yields to the one of any desktop computer in spite of the fact that laptops and desktops’ components are almost the same.

What unites them is the necessity to download laptops and desktops drivers and update them occasionally for using their potential to the full extent.

The main advantage of laptops over desktops is their mobility. Others are:

  • Lightweight.
  • Wireless productivity. A user can run a laptop if it is cut off power supply during a few hours (it operates on a battery).
  • Possibility of wireless connections. Most laptops have integrated Wi-Fi adapter that makes Internet connection without any wires and almost anywhere possible.
  • There is no need to connect external devices because they are already here. The external devices meant are keyboard, monitor, mouse, loudspeakers.
Both kinds of personal computers can require downloading drivers for laptops and desktops afresh in the case of installing an up-to-date OS (if they are not compatible).

Still, laptops have quite enough disadvantages, too:
  • Comparatively low productivity. Laptops’ components are made high demands of heat emission, thus it influences the level of productivity.
  • Restrictions of modernization. If there is such a need, it will be difficult, expensive or even impossible to change some laptop’s components, such as graphic card, central processing unit or disc drive.
  • Difficulties of compatibility with different OSs.
  • Laptops break more often than desktops. It is because they can be dropped; if some liquid is spilt on a keyboard, the whole machine can be damaged (in the same case with PC, just keyboard would be down); it is possible to break down a monitor; etc.

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