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Hard Disk Controller

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Hard disc controller (HDC) is the integrated part of hard disc drive (HDD) with the help of which central processing unit works on data of different kind that is stored (or just intended to be stored) on the hard disc – it can read, record, delete or modify it in any possible way. Generally, hard disc controller promotes central processing unit to keep control of hard drive.

HDC’s task is to render computer’s commands, which go from hard disc adapter to hard disc interface and then finally to hard disc controller, in such a way that is understandable for hard drive and vice versa. It is the controller that sends the information to HDD. Only after that, the command can be executed in the long run.

To keep this process on a high level, it is recommended to update drivers for hard disc controller from time to time. Almost every month new ones are released.

HDC’s components are:

  • Central processing unit microcircuits;
  • RAM microcircuits;
  • Hard disc drivers’ microcircuits;
  • ROM microcircuits;
  • Interface module;
  • Position control system;
  • Read-write channel.
In other words, its components are expansion board and schemata which are placed at hard disc’s backside.

If some HDC’s component breaks down, the need to change the whole controller might arise.

The interface that is used by the computer for working with HDD defines the type of disc controller.

In the result of controller’s malfunction, the whole hard disc’s proper running can be brought into a question, too. Then, it is necessary to repair or change HDC. However, a user may try to download hard disc controller drivers again - it is possible that it malfunctions because of out-to-date ones installed on the computer.

The most common reasons for disc controller’s failure are:
  1. Burning out of protectors, electric circuits, etc. (in the result of voltage drops, for example);
  2. Mechanical damage of some controller’s parts (for the reason of its falling down or hitting, for example);
  3. Production defects of some elements of the controller.

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