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Bluetooth Devices

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Everybody knows that Bluetooth is the function of certain devices to connect to other ones in order to transmit some electronic data. Usually, it is images, sounds and documents. Today, even a child can do it easily, but not every adult knows about the novelties of applying Bluetooth function.

Bluetooth can be installed not only in cell-phones, but also in computers and laptops. What a user needs is drivers for Bluetooth (and have a PC or laptop that supports it). Having Bluetooth on these machines facilitates the process of sharing information between one of them and a smart phone, for example. The miles of different USB wires are not needed now; it is enough just to click.

Download drivers for Bluetooth and your device will support a range of the most amazing apps that exist nowadays. You will be astonished at everyday areas they can be used in. Here are some of them:

  • Prep Pad kitchen scale. It connects to an iPad via Bluetooth. When you weigh some food, it shows all known characteristics of it.
  • Automatic Link driving monitor. This device is to be plugged into a dashboard computer port in a car. On your Android or iOS device, you will get the information about your driving manner (exceeding the speed limit, driving too slow, braking too suddenly, etc.); nearest gas stations, cafes, hotels, hospitals, etc.; petrol prices thereabouts and so on.
  • Tempo thermometer is another device with the help of which you will always know the temperature where you need.
  • Boogie Board Sync 9.7 sketchpad is electronic notebook in which a man writes or draws with stylus. It is synchronized to your Android or iOS device.
  • August door lock is the device, connected to your smart phone via Bluetooth, designed to lock and unlock the front door of your house or apartment without keys. The sensor reacts to your approaching. You can entrust electronic keys to anyone you want. Moreover, you can limit the time and days when they are allowed to use them.
  • Headset is connected to your smart phone also via Bluetooth function and lets you call and receive calls and voice messages without actually touching it. It is rather useful when a person is busy at work or driving, for instance.
It is not the complete list of gadgets that work with the help of Bluetooth. It is possible to download Bluetooth drivers for free from the Internet. Just do it and learn about other interesting and helpful apps and devices which develop and update almost every day.

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