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CD-ROM drive is a pull-out container in which a compact disc is to be put for reading or/and recording digital information with laser. They can be both external and internal.

CD-ROM drive is the place from which the whole computer work usually begins. To enjoy the full spectre of the machine’s functions, a user is to install drivers for each element he/she is going to use in the future. Usually, they are recorded on compact discs that are read by CD-ROM drive. If there are some problems with it, you’d better download drivers for CD-ROM from some other source.

While choosing a computer or some other electronic equipment, a potential user is to pay attention to CD-ROM drive’s most important characteristics if he/she does not want to have problems with reading or recording digital data. What are these features?

  1. Speed of reading or/and recording data. It depends on the speed of a disc’s rotation and the density of data on it.
  2. Quality of reading or/and recording. It is defined by the error rate, in other words the probability of deformation of 1 data bit.
  3. Buffer storage capacity. To enhance access speed, chips of RAM (Random Access Memory) are inserted. Their capacity is several MB.
  4. Average access time. It is time during which a drive detects needed data.
Bear in mind that you may need to download CD-ROM drivers if you have installed a new operational system on your computer. Otherwise, it can simply not recognize CD-ROM drive. Although, some of them are quite compatible and do not require from you additional updating.

There exist such types of CD-ROM drives (they are represented in the order of their appearance):
  1. CD-ROM drive (Compact Disk Read-Only Memory). It is the simplest one; it is designed only for reading data.
  2. CD-RW drive can read and record digital information exclusively on CD-R and CD-RW discs.
  3. DVD-ROM drive reads DVD disks.
  4. DVD/CD-RW drive performs the same functions as DVD-ROM but in addition it can record data on CD-R/RW disks.
  5. DVD-RW drive is capable of reading and recording on DVD discs.
  6. BD-RE drive is created for reading and recording information on the discs of Blu-Ray format. Under the “information” here is meant digital video in high resolution (HDTV).
  7. HD DVD-ROM drive can only read HD DVD discs.
  8. HD-DVD drive reads all formats of CD and DVD disks, records and stores the films in high resolution.

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