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Fujitsu Laptops & Desktops

Fujitsu Ltd. is one of the oldest companies specializing in information technologies; it is the third largest company in this sphere in the world by profit after IBM and Hewlett-Packard. No wonder that it has the infinity sign on the logo; it stands for the company’s infinite possibilities. In addition, red color symbolizes brightness and optimistic hopes for the future. Fujitsu’s headquarters are in Tokyo, Japan.

It started as the telecommunication company in 1936 when it was needed to restore communication lines after the destructive earthquake in Tokyo. Moreover, after World War II, it was Fujitsu that renewed demolished infrastructure of the country again.

Apart from telephony, the company workers were interested in creating electronic computing machine that could perform complex mathematical calculations fast. They managed to do it – in 1954, Fujitsu’s first computing machine was introduced (FACOM100). It was different from other ones with more reliable and stable functioning. Since then, Fujitsu has been the most important developer of innovative technologies in the world. Still, it represented its first personal computer in 1981.

Few people know that touchpad in modern laptops is also Fujitsu’s achievement. This company’s contribution to the development of science is priceless; its breakthrough research has been helping the Japanese airspace laboratory a lot during decades.

Fujitsu produces not only computer hardware; it also majors in computer services, software, audio and video equipment, and microelectronics. For example, NIFTY Corporation is its subsidiary, which is the largest Japanese Internet provider; Fujitsu General Ltd. produces household appliances and climate equipment.

Fujitsu Ltd. has been considering ecological risks while making its products. In 2003, it totally ceased toxic atmospheric emissions at the Japanese enterprises; also, it launched a program of decreasing the amount of carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Besides, Fujitsu PC is the only computer in the world that is equipped with the systems containing only 1 g of lead.

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# Vendor Model Devices
1 Fujitsu LifeBook C Series 22 Download
2 Fujitsu 1555C 28 Download
3 Fujitsu 6497MC 13 Download
4 Fujitsu 6VX7B-4X 33 Download
5 Fujitsu 7ZMMC 40 Download
6 Fujitsu 8P965UBH-RH-FS 24 Download
7 Fujitsu A1B5H3A615B50000 35 Download
8 Fujitsu A3120 28 Download
9 Fujitsu A531 37 Download
10 Fujitsu A6020 27 Download
11 Fujitsu A6025 41 Download
12 Fujitsu A6030 35 Download
13 Fujitsu A6110 27 Download
14 Fujitsu A6120 32 Download
15 Fujitsu A6220 44 Download
16 Fujitsu A7N8X-VM 15 Download
17 Fujitsu A7N8X-VM400 17 Download
18 Fujitsu A7V600-F 12 Download
19 Fujitsu A7V600-F2 20 Download
20 Fujitsu A8010 40 Download
21 Fujitsu A8N-SLI 18 Download
22 Fujitsu A8NE-FM 19 Download
23 Fujitsu A8V-MX 22 Download
24 Fujitsu AD11 36 Download
25 Fujitsu AH531 28 Download
26 Fujitsu AH532 33 Download
27 Fujitsu AH550 34 Download
28 Fujitsu AH551 37 Download
29 Fujitsu AH552 26 Download
30 Fujitsu AH701 35 Download
31 Fujitsu AM36 33 Download
32 Fujitsu AMD690VM-FM 22 Download
33 Fujitsu AMD690VM-FMH 22 Download
34 Fujitsu Amilo A 1640 19 Download
35 Fujitsu Amilo A 7640 19 Download
36 Fujitsu Amilo A Series 43 Download
37 Fujitsu AMILO A-Series 17 Download
38 Fujitsu Amilo A0661 Series 29 Download
39 Fujitsu Amilo A0667G Series 33 Download
40 Fujitsu Amilo A1640 19 Download
41 Fujitsu Amilo A1645 20 Download
42 Fujitsu AMILO A1650 22 Download
43 Fujitsu AMILO A1650G 22 Download
44 Fujitsu Amilo A1661G Serie 20 Download
45 Fujitsu Amilo A1665G Serie 28 Download
46 Fujitsu Amilo A1665G Series 36 Download
47 Fujitsu Amilo A1667 Series 22 Download
48 Fujitsu Amilo A1667G Serie 22 Download
49 Fujitsu Amilo A1667G Series 22 Download
50 Fujitsu Amilo A166G Series 38 Download
51 Fujitsu Amilo A166GG Series 29 Download
52 Fujitsu Amilo A166YG Serie 23 Download
53 Fujitsu Amilo A2661 Series 26 Download
54 Fujitsu Amilo A2661G Series 25 Download
55 Fujitsu Amilo A3665G Series 23 Download
56 Fujitsu Amilo A3667G Serie 23 Download
57 Fujitsu Amilo A3667G Series 23 Download
58 Fujitsu Amilo A366GG Series 20 Download
59 Fujitsu Amilo A7640 19 Download
60 Fujitsu Amilo A7645 20 Download
61 Fujitsu Amilo Ax66y Series 27 Download
62 Fujitsu Amilo Ax66yG Serie 30 Download
63 Fujitsu Amilo Ax66yG Series 35 Download
64 Fujitsu AMILO D 15 Download
65 Fujitsu Amilo D Series 23 Download
66 Fujitsu AMILO D-8800es 33 Download
67 Fujitsu AMILO D-Series 13 Download
68 Fujitsu AMILO Desktop La3415G 34 Download
69 Fujitsu AMILO Desktop La3420 20 Download
70 Fujitsu AMILO Desktop La3420A 21 Download
71 Fujitsu AMILO Desktop La3425 37 Download
72 Fujitsu AMILO Desktop La3425A 17 Download
73 Fujitsu AMILO Desktop La3740 26 Download
74 Fujitsu AMILO Desktop La3740A 31 Download
75 Fujitsu AMILO Desktop Li3410A 16 Download
76 Fujitsu AMILO Desktop Li3410G 17 Download
77 Fujitsu AMILO Desktop Li3420A 17 Download
78 Fujitsu AMILO Desktop Li3425A 16 Download
79 Fujitsu AMILO Desktop Li3740 39 Download
80 Fujitsu AMILO Desktop Li3740A 16 Download
81 Fujitsu AMILO Desktop Li3745 25 Download
82 Fujitsu AMILO Desktop Li3745A 17 Download
83 Fujitsu Amilo Desktop PA3415A 19 Download
84 Fujitsu AMILO Desktop Pa3630 19 Download
85 Fujitsu Amilo Desktop Pa3630A 19 Download
86 Fujitsu Amilo Desktop PI3410A 18 Download
87 Fujitsu Amilo Desktop PI3425A 28 Download
88 Fujitsu AMILO Desktop Pi3620 10 Download
89 Fujitsu Amilo Desktop Pi3620A 17 Download
90 Fujitsu AMILO Desktop Pi3630 35 Download
91 Fujitsu Amilo Desktop Pi3630A 17 Download
92 Fujitsu AMILO Desktop Pi3635 19 Download
93 Fujitsu Amilo Desktop Pi3635A 19 Download
94 Fujitsu Amilo Desktop PI3639A 24 Download
95 Fujitsu AMILO Desktop Pi3645 24 Download
96 Fujitsu Amilo Desktop Pi3645A 19 Download
97 Fujitsu Amilo Desktop PI3745 30 Download
98 Fujitsu Amilo Desktop PI3745A 15 Download
99 Fujitsu AMILO Desktop Pi3750 16 Download
100 Fujitsu Amilo Desktop PI3750A 17 Download ©

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