Google presents three Android-based Nexus devices

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Google presents three Android-based Nexus devices

Google has reported the release of three brand-new Android-based Nexus devices – smartphone, tablet and TV set-top box. These are the results of Google OS update – Android Lollipop.

Nexus Player is TV set-top box made by ASUS. Its market launch is expected to be in November 2014. In the USA and Canada, it will cost $99.

With Nexus Player, Android TV was reproduced. It is difficult to say that it managed to win users’ favor. However, Hiroshi Lockheimer, vice-president of Android engineering, assured that they have come to certain conclusions and now know for sure how installed on a 50-inch display apps are to look like. They admit that it is totally wrong to install on TV the applications that are just enlarged versions of apps for tablets.

Besides, Google has informed that Philips, Sharp and Sony will be the producers of Android TVs as well as some other manufacturers; what particularly is unknown yet. However, there won’t be LG and Samsung companies, the largest TV producers nowadays, among them.

Nexus 6 is a 6-inch Motorola smartphone, which battery can run up to 6 hours with having being charged for just 15 minutes. Also, it is known that it is equipped with two front speakers. Specialists state that it is a good idea to give this device to workers, because it can perform functions of a smartphone and tablet, - 2-in-1 gadget.

Nexus 6 will be marketed since November 2014. It will cost about $649.

Nexus 9 is an 8.9-inch tablet made by HTC. It will have a new case, equipped with internal keypad. It will be possible to buy Nexus 9 since the end of this week in 30 countries for $399 (the price concerns 32 GB tablet version).

Hiroshi Lockheimer brought to notice that both devices’ external elements are metal that makes them look like first class gadgets.

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