Carl Zeiss competes with Samsung in virtual reality headsets

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Carl Zeiss competes with Samsung in virtual reality headsets

Carl Zeiss, the German manufacturer of optical systems, has introduced its VR One headset. It is to be reminded that not so long ago Samsung announced that its Gear VR headset would come on the market December 1, 2014, although only in South Korea at first. Still, the devices are of similar type (for both of them image is formed by smart phone or some other mobile gadget), their price is different – Samsung’s product is $100 (it will cost around $200) more expensive than Zeiss’s one.

As it has been already mentioned, both VR One and Gear VR headsets cannot function independently - auxiliary devices are needed to set them into motion. How do they work in general? The headset resembles large glasses. There is an enclosure between the lenses and a user’s eyes, in which the device (smart phone) is inserted. Its display, which is right in front of human eyes, is actually the source of interactive material to look at.

For VR One, Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6 are appropriate currently as well as some other smart phones with displays between 4.7 and 5.2 inches. However, the variety of appropriate devices for VR One is expected to enlarge. What is needed is to make the slots suitable for different smart phones models.

It is known that such a headset is estimated at $100, although not everybody is aware of the fact that this price is just for the headset itself without the mount that is also necessary.

Carl Zeiss VR One can be used for watching movies and videos, viewing photos, also for virtual journeys via Google Earth, for example.

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