Biostar launches its own mini-PC series

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Biostar launches its own mini-PC series

As it turned out, Biostar, the famous producer of graphic cards, motherboards and computing systems, takes a crack at manufacturing a new series of mini-PCs with two models included, called iDEQ-T1. It was announced in Taipei, Taiwan, on October 20th, 2014.

The devices possess the same range of capabilities as usual desktop computers, but differ from them with being much lighter and smaller, thus portable. Its weight is only 800 g; its size makes just two thirds the area of A4 piece of paper. Mini-PC can run Windows 7 and Microsoft’s later OSs. The devices are already available at CompUSA, Newegg, Amazon and some other online retail stores.

It seems that there is the only difference between two models of iDEQ-T1. It lies in audio element: one of them has got C-Media CM108AH, while the other has acquired Realtek Codec ALC662.

On mini-ITX (17x 17 cm) motherboard, there are two DIMM slots for DDR3 SDRAM, capable of storing up to 16 GB. In addition, 2.5-inch storage device of SATA 2 (3 Gbps) interface can be installed. Both mini-computers are equipped with 4-core Intel Celeron N2940 processor, operating on 2.25 GHz frequency, and Intel HD Graphics. Besides, the innovations have Realtek RTL8111G network controller and Mini PCIe slot for optional wireless adapter as well as one USB 3.0 and three USB 2.0 ports, HDMI and VGA outputs, audio and microphone jacks, built-in Wi-Fi and GIGA LAN.

RESURE BIOS at iDEQ-T1 makes BIOS downloaded to a hard drive automatically. Super Rescue Function is added to fight against viruses that invaded the system. Apart from them, the device supports BIO-Remote 2 Technology, Hi-Fi K-BAR (for tuning up audio parameters manually) and Charger Booster Technology. The last one allows charging different electronic devices (tablets, smartphones and laptops) rather quickly from iDEQ-T1.

iDEQ-T1 is not only extremely mobile, but it can go out of sight if there is such a necessity. One of its advantages is that it is wall-mounted.

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