G.Skill Boasts High-Speed Phoenix Blade SSD with PCI Express Interface

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G.Skill Boasts High-Speed Phoenix Blade SSD with PCI Express Interface

G.Skill International, initially known as a developer of extreme RAM solutions, enters the market with a new high-speed SSD. By definition, the Phoenix Blade is an expansion card with PCI Express Gen. 2.0 x8 interface that contains four drives configured in RAID 0 array of 480 GB NAND flash-memory. Each drive is powered by LSI SF-2281 controller and features half-height form-factor.

G.Skill Phoenix Blade SSD is intended for gaming PCs, hard-core graphics applications, industrial design, audio/video editing. There is small wonder that this drive solution is able to cope with such multitasking trouble-free. The integration of PCI-e interface improves Write and Read performance by 4 times, if compared with the drives featuring SATA III interface.

Therefore, its peak data transfer speed on Read/Write operations equals to 2000 MB/sec. Sequential read speed makes up 1900 MB/sec, while sequential Write speed – 1050 MB/sec. At the same time, efficiency on random operations (4 K blocks) achieves 245.000 IOPS and 90.000 IOPS for writing and reading operations respectively.

Phoenix Blade boasts 1 million hours MTBF index. This solid-state drive also brags about its power-saving nature; it consumes not more than 15 W power on workload (18 W power on Write operations) and approximately 8 W in idle mode. Besides, it is able to run in a wide range of thermal conditions – from 0 to + 55 degrees.

Furthermore, the model is known to support BCH ECC error correction algorithm (up to 55 bit code per 512 byte), data security tools, S.M.A.R.T., T.R.I.M., and SCSI UNMA attributes (the two latter support all major Windows OS versions). S.M.A.R.T. options allow users to monitor overall drive’s health and take precautionary measures against possible data loss. The manufacturer promises to supply the new-comer with a 3-year’s limited warranty, though pricing is still unknown.

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