Greeting High-Performance Alienware Area-51 Gaming System

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Greeting High-Performance Alienware Area-51 Gaming System

Alienware is back at the gaming market with a new Area-51 desktop PC. It features a futuristic Triad design, developed according to a brand EPIC concept, and an exclusive cooling solution: fresh air enters the case from the one side, whereas hot air comes out of the chassis from the other side. Internal fans provide maximum airflow to dissipate heat from graphics cards and other hot components.

Alienware Area-51 is equipped with the latest 6-/8-core Intel Core i7 Extreme (Haswell-E generation) CPUs with factory overclocking. Memory subsystem is composed of 32 GB quad-channel DDR4 memory modules, running at 2133 MHz frequency. Such an assembly promotes for the realization of the most intensive multitasking conditions. Graphics subsystem welcomes the creation of various configurations from three latest video cards manufactured by Nvidia or AMD.

Storage facilities are represented by dedicated bays for high-capacity HDD/SSD. The availability of Wi-Fi 802.11ac adapter enables the realization of lag-free protocols, which give priority to gaming applications and video streaming. In addition, Area-51 supports the connection of three 4K monitors; such configuration results in a mind-blowing 11520x2160 pixels overall resolution. Connection of peripherals is enabled by means of an easily-accessible frontal I/O panel.

It should be also stressed that this gaming system boasts an updated 4.0 version of Alienware Command Center. This application gives access towards AlienFX option that lets users choose one out of 512 trillion backlight combinations for nine independent case zones. Alien Adrenaline option allows users to monitor hardware parameters and automatically select configuration profiles on startup of various games and programs.

Furthermore, Alieware Command Center 4.0 offers some extended control facilities due to in-built utilities for overclocking, monitoring and fine tuning. Thus, enthusiasts might revel in the possibility of automatic system overclocking, while professionals are given a chance to adjust CPU, memory and voltage performance individually.

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