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Modern true-to-life graphics with mind-boggling effects is a merit of Nvidia Corporation. This USA-based technology company is a true pathfinder in, what we call today, visual computing market, since it was the first one to elaborate, introduce and integrate the GPU – graphics processing unit – found in all modern video cards. Since 1999, the designer has expanded its production line from desktop GPUs to SoC (system-on-chip) intended for mobile computing devices.

Along with graphics chips, Nvidia specializes in the development of gaming consoles, such as Shield Portable and Shield Tablet, platform chipsets, processors for wireless communications, as well as software. All those products are nowadays widely used in games and movie production, medical and scientific research, computing photography.

The most popular Nvidia’s product families are:

  • GeForce for traditional and gaming graphics adapters;
  • Tegra for mobile devices;
  • Tesla for cutting-edge image generation applications;
  • Quadro for workstations and computer-aided design products;
  • nForce – a special chipset for motherboards with microprocessors;
  • GPUs for Xbox and PlayStation 3.
The GeForce family GPUs, accompanied with dedicated software and services, add to the development of the most fast-evolving global industry – computer gaming. Today games are more than just an entertainment; they are a way of life for many gamers, primarily due to the impact of Nvidia’s graphics solutions. For instance, GeForce Experience application is a hit among users who seek for optimized gaming settings, updated drivers, and data streaming.

The Quadro family is the company’s one more source of pride. It embraces all advanced, high-end solutions targeting to solve the challenges of multitasking in data-hungry environment. All Quadro adapters are highly appreciated mainly thanks to unprecedented performance that excels competitors’ solutions in several times.

Nowadays Nvidia’s key competitor is AMD that develops GPUs for all above-listed industries and breathes down its neck in gaming and workstations areas. Nonetheless, healthy competition usually results in the emergence of ever astounding products, like GeForce Titan GPU and Tegra 4 which are thought by some experts to be the most efficient graphics solutions to date.

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