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Micro-Star International Co. Ltd, widely known as MSI, is a globally renowned designer of commercial and consumer electronics, counting dozens of off-beat items for home and office use. The company’s logo ‘Innovation with Style’ has become a keynote in almost a thirty-years-long history: each new product is a pure innovation combined with a sophisticated style.

Since the dawn of operation (foundation dates back to 1986), MSI has grown from a small Taiwanese-based company, specialized mainly in motherboards and video cards industries, to a large information technology developer. In early 2000 it managed to expand its operations to mainland China, opening research and development division in Kunshan and a plant in Shenzhen.

Today the company takes the leading positions in manufacture of laptops, workstations, servers, AIO solutions, household electronics, tablets, infotainment vehicle devices, bare-bone systems, communication and multimedia devices. In recent years special attention has been given to the development of Gaming and Overclocking series of motherboards and graphics cards. They are intended primarily at inveterate enthusiasts who appreciate high-performance and extended facilities not less than innovation.

To proceed with a brief description of MSI’s achievements, we cannot but mention the introduction in 2008 of the first Car Infotainment. For this purposes the company established a subsidiary Funtoro that provided for the development of information systems and operations control for individual and public vehicles. Those hardware & software products are called to improve driver and passenger experience while on move.

Moreover, MSI is in some terms a path-breaker in the optimization of PC systems. Its proprietary advanced technologies, implemented within motherboards and video cards, dramatically enhance computing efficiency, therein improving overall user experience.

Furthermore, the manufacturer shows full responsibility not only to customers, employees and shareholders, but to society and environment as well. This is done through the development of eco-friendly technologies and, as a result, eco-friendly products.

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