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Epson Port Devices

Epson (the original name is Seiko Epson Corporation) is the corporate business unit of the Japanese Seiko Group multiindustry concern that is the leader in the world market of peripheral computer devices. The range of products it makes is ample. Among them are printers, scanners, digital cameras, projectors, semiconductors (CMOS LSI), watches, LCD TVs, correcting and contact lenses, robots, desktops and other electronic components.

Epson originated from Daiwa Kogyo Ltd in 1942. This company was engaged in producing clock mechanisms in Suwa, Nagano, Japan. Since then, Epson’s headquarters have been situated there.

Epson’s philosophy (and business occupation) is representing images of perfect quality in three dimensions – on paper (printers), screen (projectors) and glass (LCD displays).

In 1960, Epson decided to take a crack at a completely new field, which was not popular and deeply explored yet – making printers. Its “EP-101” printer became extremely successful. Epson managed to establish hard-hitting standards for decades. However, the Epson brand appeared later, in 1975.

As it is known, the first printers were dot matrix. Unfortunately, they had the range of disadvantages, which became obvious in the end of 1970s. Then, ink-jet printers began gaining momentum. Epson developed its own technology called Micro Piezo, which requires applying high-precision methods of making and assembling printers’ components, leaving its competitors far behind.

Since those times, Epson offers its inventions based on the technology of sparing – they spare room, money, resources and energy.

In 1980, laser technology of printing was developed. In 1987, Epson’s GQ-3500 laser printer saw the world. Moreover, the company has stayed the leader in this market segment up to now. In two years, Epson created the first LCD projector in the world. Soon, the company introduced HX-20 portable computer, which is considered to be the first notebook in the world.

Epson’s 19 factories and 11 subsidiaries are in Japan; other 23 manufacturing companies, 30 trade ones, 3 representative offices and 3 regional headquarters are spread worldwide.

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