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Packard Bell Laptops & Desktops

Packard Bell belongs to the galaxy of brands that stood at the origins of the three most popular home entertainments for the last 80 years: radio, TV and computers. Founded in 1926 by Leon Packard and Herbert Bell, the company has grown from the manufacturer of console radio to the designer of multiple innovative gadgets and computing solutions. In 1986 PB made a revolutionary breakthrough by introducing its first PCs for customers with average needs. That was the beginning of the transition of computers from offices to user-friendly home environment.

In early 2000 Packard Bell was displaced from the US market by NEC. Hence, the designer swiftly won European recognition and expanded its facilities up to African markets.

In 2008 the company was acquired by a Taiwanese hardware and electronics giant Acer. The latter preserved the original name for a separate field of industry, shipping laptops, tablets, desktops, netbooks, and monitors under this brand. In addition, PB tries to catch up with some other areas by launching GPS systems, DVD/MP3/video players, storage drives, and various accessories as well as dedicated software for them.

Being Acer’s the most renowned subsidiary, PB supports its strategic mission that lies in the elimination of boundaries between people and technologies. This becomes possible due to the democratization of technologies which allow for manufacturing functional, stylish and affordable products.

Today Packard Bell boasts the line of sophisticated EasyNote laptops, including XS model for a low-cost segment, and oneTwo all-in-one (AIO) PCs with touchscreen displays, onboard Freeview TV tuners, and the possibility to connect gaming consoles via HDMI port.

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# Vendor Model Devices
101 Packard Bell EasyNote LV11 25 Download
102 Packard Bell EasyNote LV11HC 23 Download
103 Packard Bell Easynote LV44 26 Download
104 Packard Bell EasyNote LV44HC 22 Download
105 Packard Bell EasyNote LV44HR 27 Download
106 Packard Bell EasyNote LX 39 Download
107 Packard Bell EasyNote LX86 30 Download
108 Packard Bell EasyNote M3xx 21 Download
109 Packard Bell EasyNote M5xx 22 Download
110 Packard Bell EasyNote M5xxx 41 Download
111 Packard Bell EasyNote M7xxx 14 Download
112 Packard Bell EasyNote MB55 29 Download
113 Packard Bell EasyNote MB65 32 Download
114 Packard Bell EasyNote MB68 32 Download
115 Packard Bell EasyNote MB85 35 Download
116 Packard Bell EasyNote MB86 35 Download
117 Packard Bell EasyNote MB87 36 Download
118 Packard Bell EasyNote MB88 35 Download
119 Packard Bell Easynote ME69BMP 25 Download
120 Packard Bell EasyNote MH35 18 Download
121 Packard Bell EasyNote MH36 26 Download
122 Packard Bell EasyNote MH45 27 Download
123 Packard Bell EasyNote ML61 22 Download
124 Packard Bell EasyNote ML61-B-001FR 27 Download
125 Packard Bell EASYNOTE ML65 35 Download
126 Packard Bell EasyNote MT85 34 Download
127 Packard Bell EasyNote MV35 16 Download
128 Packard Bell EASYNOTE MV45 28 Download
129 Packard Bell EASYNOTE MV46 22 Download
130 Packard Bell EASYNOTE MV51 22 Download
131 Packard Bell EasyNote MV61 35 Download
132 Packard Bell EASYNOTE MV85 32 Download
133 Packard Bell EASYNOTE MV86 32 Download
134 Packard Bell EASYNOTE MX51 19 Download
135 Packard Bell EasyNote MX52 19 Download
136 Packard Bell EASYNOTE MX61 39 Download
137 Packard Bell EasyNote MZ35 19 Download
138 Packard Bell EasyNote MZ36 18 Download
139 Packard Bell EasyNote MZ45 25 Download
140 Packard Bell EasyNote N5xxx 31 Download
141 Packard Bell Easynote NJ65 26 Download
142 Packard Bell EasyNote NM85 28 Download
143 Packard Bell EasyNote NM86 27 Download
144 Packard Bell EasyNote NM87 27 Download
145 Packard Bell EasyNote NM98 29 Download
146 Packard Bell EasyNote NS11HR 26 Download
147 Packard Bell Easynote NS44-HR 26 Download
148 Packard Bell EasyNote NS44HR 31 Download
149 Packard Bell EasyNote NX69HR 28 Download
150 Packard Bell EasyNote NX86 31 Download
151 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB37Q01003 26 Download
152 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB37Q01103 24 Download
153 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB37Q01203 25 Download
154 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB41Q00286 17 Download
155 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB47Q02929 21 Download
156 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB47QW0202 18 Download
157 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB47R01090 18 Download
158 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB62Q00021 30 Download
159 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB62Q00121 29 Download
160 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB62Q00304 25 Download
161 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB62Q00729 42 Download
162 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB62Q01126 29 Download
163 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB62Q01221 28 Download
164 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB62Q01461 31 Download
165 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB62Q01661 29 Download
166 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB62Q01761 32 Download
167 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB62Q01986 28 Download
168 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB62Q02021 25 Download
169 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB62Q02121 29 Download
170 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB62Q02221 32 Download
171 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB62Q02561 26 Download
172 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB62Q02701 29 Download
173 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB62R00002 31 Download
174 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB62R00003 37 Download
175 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB62R00004 31 Download
176 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB62R00006 28 Download
177 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB62R00010 29 Download
178 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB62R00086 29 Download
179 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB62RD0091 31 Download
180 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB62S00002 30 Download
181 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB62S00006 29 Download
182 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB62S00086 28 Download
183 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB62S00087 31 Download
184 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB62S00090 38 Download
185 Packard Bell EASYNOTE PB62S00106 31 Download
186 Packard Bell EASYNOTE R3500 22 Download
187 Packard Bell EasyNote RS65 35 Download
188 Packard Bell EasyNote SB65 30 Download
189 Packard Bell EasyNote SB85 34 Download
190 Packard Bell Easynote sb86 44 Download
191 Packard Bell EasyNote SB87 35 Download
192 Packard Bell EasyNote SB88 35 Download
193 Packard Bell EASYNOTE SB89 36 Download
194 Packard Bell EasyNote SJ51 26 Download
195 Packard Bell EasyNote SJ81 30 Download
196 Packard Bell EASYNOTE SL35 28 Download
197 Packard Bell EASYNOTE SL45 28 Download
198 Packard Bell EasyNote SL51 16 Download
199 Packard Bell EASYNOTE SL65 35 Download
200 Packard Bell EasyNote SL81 27 Download ©

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