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Compaq Laptops & Desktops

Compaq Computer Corporation is the American producer of personal computers. The corporation has at its disposal 17 factories that manufacture computer hardware in Great Britain, USA, Malaysia, Brazil and China.

It was created in 1982 by former Texas Instruments workers who were disappointed in management of their company. Originally, they planned to start creating peripheral devices (disc drives in particular) for already existing computers. However, they were convinced to get down to inventing their own PC.

The road to recognition began with the initial budget of 3.000 USD ($1.000 from each co-founder) and PC architecture outlined during dinner at one of the restaurants of Texas.

An advertising agency was entrusted to make up the name for the new company. Later, “Compaq” was interpreted as a word combination of “compatibility” and “quality”.

In the year of its creation, Compaq introduced its first invention – portable PC (Compaq Portable). This product is considered to be the predecessor of modern portable computers. It is totally IBM-compatible, i.e. it can launch the software designed for IBM personal computers. This portable PC was rather successful: around 53.000 devices were sold in one year. Compaq constituted a serious menace for IBM back then, because the machines it produced were more productive and cheaper.

For some time, Compaq was the largest computer producing company in the world: in 1998, it released more PC than its three rivals together.

In 2002, Compaq Corporation was amalgamated with HP but reserved the right to make products under its trade mark (particularly, personal computers, personal digital assistants and servers). At these times, its main competitors were Lenovo, Acer, Dell and Fujitsu-Siemens.

However, during 2000s, HP dismissed thousands of Compaq workers, Compaq’s share prices considerably decreased and it became unprofitable yielding in the market to Dell. In fact, Compaq ceased to exist as the independent company then.

In 2010, the last notebook under the Compaq Presario brand was assembled. Since then, all devices were produced as HP products.

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# Vendor Model Devices
601 Compaq DW175A-ABF S6289FR FR411 24 Download
602 Compaq DW176A-ABF S6389FR FR410 36 Download
603 Compaq DW183A-ABU S6150UK GB410 36 Download
604 Compaq DW184A-ABU S6289UK GB410 32 Download
605 Compaq DW185A-ABU S6300UK GB410 31 Download
606 Compaq DW186A-ABU S6389UK GB410 39 Download
607 Compaq DW191A-ABZ S6289IT IT410 25 Download
608 Compaq DW195A-ABH S6089NL NL410 18 Download
609 Compaq DW196A-ABH S6500NL NL410 26 Download
610 Compaq DW197A-ABH S6700NL NL410 37 Download
611 Compaq DW207A-ABE S6289ES ES410 32 Download
612 Compaq DW210A-ABE S6189ES ES410 18 Download
613 Compaq DW211A-UUW S6100SF SC410 31 Download
614 Compaq DW212A-UUW S6100ND SC410 24 Download
615 Compaq DW213A-ABE S6089ES ES410 13 Download
616 Compaq DW223A-ABE S6099ES ES410 18 Download
617 Compaq DW254A-ABA SR1010N NA510 16 Download
618 Compaq DW255A-ABA SR1020N NA510 15 Download
619 Compaq DW255A-ABA SR1020N NA511 21 Download
620 Compaq Dw255a-aba sr1020nx na511 35 Download
621 Compaq DW256A-ABA SR1030N NA510 18 Download
622 Compaq DW256A-ABA SR1030N NA511 27 Download
623 Compaq DW257A-ABA SR1050N NA510 16 Download
624 Compaq DW258A-ABA SR1090N NA510 23 Download
625 Compaq DW258A-ABA SR1090N NA511 17 Download
626 Compaq DW259A-ABA SR1011N NA510 16 Download
627 Compaq DW263A-ABA S7300CL NA510 16 Download
628 Compaq DW265A-ABA SR1055C NA510 15 Download
629 Compaq DW265A-ABA SR1055C NA511 40 Download
630 Compaq DW269A-ABA SR1012N NA510 17 Download
631 Compaq DW274A-ABZ S6389IT IT410 16 Download
632 Compaq DW282A-ABM SR1010L LA510 30 Download
633 Compaq DW283A-ABM SR1020L LA510 15 Download
634 Compaq DW293A-ABA SR1053W NA510 18 Download
635 Compaq DW293A-ABA SR1053W NA511 42 Download
636 Compaq DY003A-ABZ S6089IT IT410 17 Download
637 Compaq DY011A-ABH S6200NL NL410 33 Download
638 Compaq DY014A-ABE S6400ES ES410 20 Download
639 Compaq DY026A-ABA SR1033W NA510 23 Download
640 Compaq DY037A-ABG SR1070A AN510 37 Download
641 Compaq DY040A-ABG SR1030A AN510 19 Download
642 Compaq DY041A-ABG SR1040A AN510 22 Download
643 Compaq DY042A-ABG SR1060A AN510 25 Download
644 Compaq DY043A-ABG SR1080A AN510 42 Download
645 Compaq DY058A-AB1 SR1070K KO510 33 Download
646 Compaq DY081A-AB4 SR1050A SE510 24 Download
647 Compaq DY082A-AB4 SR1060A SE510 25 Download
648 Compaq DY083A-AB4 SR1070A SE510 37 Download
649 Compaq DY096A-ABE S6188ES ES410 21 Download
650 Compaq DY098A-ABZ S6398IT IT410 14 Download
651 Compaq DY113A-ABA S6104NX NA410 35 Download
652 Compaq DY116A-ACJ S6080IL IN430 24 Download
653 Compaq DY117A-ACJ SR1010IL IN430 24 Download
654 Compaq DY119A-ACJ SR1030IL IN430 24 Download
655 Compaq DY131A-ABF SR1030FR FR420 16 Download
656 Compaq DY132A-ABF SR1040FR FR420 36 Download
657 Compaq DY146A-ABU S7300UK GB420 16 Download
658 Compaq DY146A-ABU S7300UK GB421 18 Download
659 Compaq DY147A-ABU S7500UK GB420 26 Download
660 Compaq DY148A-ABU SR1080UK GB420 24 Download
661 Compaq DY156A-ABZ S7289IT IT420 13 Download
662 Compaq DY160A-ABE S7189ES ES420 26 Download
663 Compaq DY162A-ABE S7289ES ES420 19 Download
664 Compaq DY167A-ABH SR1020NL NL420 30 Download
665 Compaq DY169A-ABH SR1050 NL420 39 Download
666 Compaq DY170A-ABH SR1070 NL420 31 Download
667 Compaq DY181A-ABF S6388FR FR410 18 Download
668 Compaq DY199A-ABF S7190FR FR420 19 Download
669 Compaq E1435AA-ABA SR1720NX NA611 20 Download
670 Compaq EC476AA-AB0 SR1520TW TW530 19 Download
671 Compaq EC479AA-ACJ SR1500IL FD440 43 Download
672 Compaq EC480AA-ACJ SR1510IL FD440 30 Download
673 Compaq EC505AA-AB4 SR1540AP SE530 19 Download
674 Compaq EC507AA-ABF SR1507FR FR530 17 Download
675 Compaq EC510AA-ABH SR1508NL NL530 21 Download
676 Compaq EC512AA-B1V SR1510ND EL530 15 Download
677 Compaq EC513AA-AK8 SR1510SF EL530 20 Download
678 Compaq EC514AA-ABE SR1519ES ES530 31 Download
679 Compaq EC515AA-ABZ SR1519IT IT530 19 Download
680 Compaq EC516AA-ABH SR1519NL NL530 18 Download
681 Compaq EC517AA-ABF SR1520FR FR530 32 Download
682 Compaq EC518AA-ABY SR1520ND EL530 18 Download
683 Compaq EC518AA-B1V SR1520ND EL530 22 Download
684 Compaq EC519AA-AK8 SR1520SF EL530 24 Download
685 Compaq EC520AA-ABU SR1519UK GB530 19 Download
686 Compaq EC523AA-ABE SR1529ES ES530 20 Download
687 Compaq EC524AA-ABZ SR1529IT IT530 20 Download
688 Compaq EC525AA-ABH SR1529NL NL530 38 Download
689 Compaq EC529AA-ABF SR1579FR FR530 19 Download
690 Compaq EC530AA-ABZ SR1539IT IT530 24 Download
691 Compaq EC531AA-ABU SR1539UK GB530 20 Download
692 Compaq EC532AA-ABF SR1540FR FR530 23 Download
693 Compaq EC535AA-ABE SR1549ES ES530 19 Download
694 Compaq EC536AA-ABF SR1549FR FR530 33 Download
695 Compaq EC537AA-ABZ SR1549IT IT530 25 Download
696 Compaq EC560AA-ABF SR1559 FR530 17 Download
697 Compaq EC560AA-ABF SR1559FR FR530 15 Download
698 Compaq EC561AA-ABZ SR1559IT IT530 21 Download
699 Compaq EC563AA-ABF SR1560FR FR530 33 Download
700 Compaq EC565AA-ABE SR1569ES ES530 18 Download ©

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