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Compaq Laptops & Desktops

Compaq Computer Corporation is the American producer of personal computers. The corporation has at its disposal 17 factories that manufacture computer hardware in Great Britain, USA, Malaysia, Brazil and China.

It was created in 1982 by former Texas Instruments workers who were disappointed in management of their company. Originally, they planned to start creating peripheral devices (disc drives in particular) for already existing computers. However, they were convinced to get down to inventing their own PC.

The road to recognition began with the initial budget of 3.000 USD ($1.000 from each co-founder) and PC architecture outlined during dinner at one of the restaurants of Texas.

An advertising agency was entrusted to make up the name for the new company. Later, “Compaq” was interpreted as a word combination of “compatibility” and “quality”.

In the year of its creation, Compaq introduced its first invention – portable PC (Compaq Portable). This product is considered to be the predecessor of modern portable computers. It is totally IBM-compatible, i.e. it can launch the software designed for IBM personal computers. This portable PC was rather successful: around 53.000 devices were sold in one year. Compaq constituted a serious menace for IBM back then, because the machines it produced were more productive and cheaper.

For some time, Compaq was the largest computer producing company in the world: in 1998, it released more PC than its three rivals together.

In 2002, Compaq Corporation was amalgamated with HP but reserved the right to make products under its trade mark (particularly, personal computers, personal digital assistants and servers). At these times, its main competitors were Lenovo, Acer, Dell and Fujitsu-Siemens.

However, during 2000s, HP dismissed thousands of Compaq workers, Compaq’s share prices considerably decreased and it became unprofitable yielding in the market to Dell. In fact, Compaq ceased to exist as the independent company then.

In 2010, the last notebook under the Compaq Presario brand was assembled. Since then, all devices were produced as HP products.

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# Vendor Model Devices
1301 Compaq FQ456AA-ABM SG3509LA 18 Download
1302 Compaq FQ491AA-ABA SR5606F 36 Download
1303 Compaq FQ495AA-A2L SR5614F 17 Download
1304 Compaq FQ495AA-ABA SR5614F 27 Download
1305 Compaq FQ505AA-AB4 SG3570D 34 Download
1306 Compaq FQ507AA-ABM SG3404LA 15 Download
1307 Compaq FQ522AA-ABA SR5608F 19 Download
1308 Compaq FQ533AA-ABA SR5612F 20 Download
1309 Compaq FQ552AA-ABA SR5616F 24 Download
1310 Compaq FQ582AA-A2L SR5710F 16 Download
1311 Compaq FQ582AA-ABA SR5710F 18 Download
1312 Compaq FQ582AAR-ABA SR5710F 18 Download
1313 Compaq FQ625AA-ABA SR5702F 17 Download
1314 Compaq FQ627AA-ABA SR5708F 20 Download
1315 Compaq FQ630AA-A2L SR5718F 22 Download
1316 Compaq FQ647AA-AC4 SG3611BR 16 Download
1317 Compaq FQ649AA-AC4 SG3615BR 23 Download
1318 Compaq FQ652AA-ABA CQ2009F NA910 19 Download
1319 Compaq FQ673AA-ABM SG3603LA 18 Download
1320 Compaq FQ677AA-ABM SG3610LA 20 Download
1321 Compaq FQ679AA-ABM SG3613LA 17 Download
1322 Compaq FQ680AA-ABM SG3615LA 21 Download
1323 Compaq FQ681AA-ABM SG3616LA 18 Download
1324 Compaq FQ682AA-ABM SG3618LA 20 Download
1325 Compaq FR368AA-AB8 SG3522TR 20 Download
1326 Compaq FR415AA-ABF SR5612FR 17 Download
1327 Compaq FR429AA-ABU SR5605UK 20 Download
1328 Compaq FR455AA-ABF SR5526FR 19 Download
1329 Compaq FR460AA-UUW SR5611SC 17 Download
1330 Compaq FR461AA-UUW SR5612SC 15 Download
1331 Compaq FR462AA-UUW SR5621SC 39 Download
1332 Compaq FR463AA-UUW SR5622SC 15 Download
1333 Compaq FR501AA-ABZ SR5540IT 21 Download
1334 Compaq FR510AA-AB9 SR5611PT 17 Download
1335 Compaq FR512AA-AB9 SR5621PT 20 Download
1336 Compaq FR568AA-ABZ SR5621IT 18 Download
1337 Compaq FR574AA-ABU SR5601UK 18 Download
1338 Compaq FR591AA-ABF SR5500FR 16 Download
1339 Compaq FR604AA-ABF SR5529FR 19 Download
1340 Compaq FR621AA-ABZ SR5612IT 18 Download
1341 Compaq FR628AA-ACB SG3531RU 26 Download
1342 Compaq FR629AA-ACB SG3532RU 33 Download
1343 Compaq FR657AA-B14 SR5511BE 33 Download
1344 Compaq FR664AA-ABF SR5617FR 14 Download
1345 Compaq FR665AA-AB9 SR5612PT 20 Download
1346 Compaq FT943AA-AB4 SG3670AP 16 Download
1347 Compaq FT967AA-ABG SR5720AN 26 Download
1348 Compaq FT969AA-ABG SR5740AN 19 Download
1349 Compaq FT970AA-ABG SR5760AN 28 Download
1350 Compaq FT971AA-ABG SR5790AN 18 Download
1351 Compaq FT973AA-ABM SG3504LA 17 Download
1352 Compaq FT976AA-AB4 SG3611L 23 Download
1353 Compaq FT978AA-AB4 SG3613L 37 Download
1354 Compaq FT979AA-AB4 SG3614L 20 Download
1355 Compaq FZ090AA-ABF SR5605FR 20 Download
1356 Compaq FZ092AA-ABF SR5625FR 18 Download
1357 Compaq FZ115AA-ABF SR5640FR 24 Download
1358 Compaq GB222AA-ABG SR5025AN 20 Download
1359 Compaq GB223AA-ABG SR5045AN 20 Download
1360 Compaq GB224AA-ABG SR5065AN 20 Download
1361 Compaq GB225AA-ABG SR5085AN 45 Download
1362 Compaq GB249AA-ACJ SG2023IL FD440 22 Download
1363 Compaq GB250AA-ACJ SG2033IL 24 Download
1364 Compaq GB251AA-ACJ SG2043IL FD440 28 Download
1365 Compaq GB252AA-ACJ SG2053IL FD440 17 Download
1366 Compaq GB254AA-ACJ SR5040IL 18 Download
1367 Compaq GB255AA-ACJ SR5060IL 19 Download
1368 Compaq GB304AA-UUW SR5019SC 30 Download
1369 Compaq GB305AA-UUW SR5027SC 20 Download
1370 Compaq GB335AA-AB4 SR5070CF 40 Download
1371 Compaq GB336AA-AB4 SR5071CF 30 Download
1372 Compaq GB337AA-AB4 SR5072CF 35 Download
1373 Compaq GB338AA-AB4 SR5091CF 19 Download
1374 Compaq GB346AA-ACJ SG2048IN AP640 26 Download
1375 Compaq GB374AA-ABE SR2279ES 20 Download
1376 Compaq GB376AA-ABE SR2237ES 25 Download
1377 Compaq GB377AA-ABE SR5029ES 28 Download
1378 Compaq GB391AA-ABU SR5079UK 20 Download
1379 Compaq GB408AA-ABM SR2102LS 30 Download
1380 Compaq GC309AA-ACJ SG2030IL 27 Download
1381 Compaq GC321AA-ACJ SG2044IL FD440 16 Download
1382 Compaq GC360AA-ACJ SR1940IL 27 Download
1383 Compaq GC360AA-ACJ SR1940IL FD440 21 Download
1384 Compaq GC501AA-ABM SG2002LA LX720 16 Download
1385 Compaq GC502AA-ABM SG2010LA 19 Download
1386 Compaq GC503AA-ACJ SR1942IL 28 Download
1387 Compaq GC509AA-ABF SR2109FR 19 Download
1388 Compaq GC520AA-ABA SR5027CL 19 Download
1389 Compaq GC520AAR-ABA SR5027CL 34 Download
1390 Compaq GC599AA-AB4 SR5020CF 25 Download
1391 Compaq GC609AV-AB4 SR5066CF 23 Download
1392 Compaq GC610AV-AB4 SR5063CF 11 Download
1393 Compaq GC630AA-AB4 SR5095CF 23 Download
1394 Compaq GC652AA-ABA SR5113WM 13 Download
1395 Compaq GC656AA-AB4 SR5073CF 20 Download
1396 Compaq GC660AA-ABA SR5123WM 20 Download
1397 Compaq GC660AAR-ABA SR5123WM 27 Download
1398 Compaq GC662AA-ABA SR5113WM 18 Download
1399 Compaq GC662AAR-ABA SR5113WM 29 Download
1400 Compaq GC666AA-ABA SR5152NX 19 Download ©

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