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Compaq Laptops & Desktops

Compaq Computer Corporation is the American producer of personal computers. The corporation has at its disposal 17 factories that manufacture computer hardware in Great Britain, USA, Malaysia, Brazil and China.

It was created in 1982 by former Texas Instruments workers who were disappointed in management of their company. Originally, they planned to start creating peripheral devices (disc drives in particular) for already existing computers. However, they were convinced to get down to inventing their own PC.

The road to recognition began with the initial budget of 3.000 USD ($1.000 from each co-founder) and PC architecture outlined during dinner at one of the restaurants of Texas.

An advertising agency was entrusted to make up the name for the new company. Later, “Compaq” was interpreted as a word combination of “compatibility” and “quality”.

In the year of its creation, Compaq introduced its first invention – portable PC (Compaq Portable). This product is considered to be the predecessor of modern portable computers. It is totally IBM-compatible, i.e. it can launch the software designed for IBM personal computers. This portable PC was rather successful: around 53.000 devices were sold in one year. Compaq constituted a serious menace for IBM back then, because the machines it produced were more productive and cheaper.

For some time, Compaq was the largest computer producing company in the world: in 1998, it released more PC than its three rivals together.

In 2002, Compaq Corporation was amalgamated with HP but reserved the right to make products under its trade mark (particularly, personal computers, personal digital assistants and servers). At these times, its main competitors were Lenovo, Acer, Dell and Fujitsu-Siemens.

However, during 2000s, HP dismissed thousands of Compaq workers, Compaq’s share prices considerably decreased and it became unprofitable yielding in the market to Dell. In fact, Compaq ceased to exist as the independent company then.

In 2010, the last notebook under the Compaq Presario brand was assembled. Since then, all devices were produced as HP products.

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# Vendor Model Devices
1101 Compaq Evo N620c (DE264A#UUG) 24 Download
1102 Compaq Evo N620c (DE264T#ABH) 26 Download
1103 Compaq Evo N620c (DE265A#ABU) 19 Download
1104 Compaq Evo N620c (DE265A#ABZ) 35 Download
1105 Compaq Evo N620c (DE268A#ABD) 19 Download
1106 Compaq Evo N620c (DE268A#ABU) 28 Download
1107 Compaq Evo N620c (DE270A#ABB) 17 Download
1108 Compaq Evo N620c (DE270A#ABD) 27 Download
1109 Compaq Evo N620c (DE270A#ABH) 38 Download
1110 Compaq Evo N620c (DE270A#ABN) 31 Download
1111 Compaq Evo N620c (DE270A#ABU) 17 Download
1112 Compaq Evo N620c (DE270A#AK8) 27 Download
1113 Compaq Evo N620c (DE270A#AKC) 19 Download
1114 Compaq Evo N620c (DE272A#ABA) 22 Download
1115 Compaq Evo N620c (DE273A#ABA) 23 Download
1116 Compaq Evo N620c (DE273A#ABM) 19 Download
1117 Compaq Evo N620c (DJ111S#ABU) 21 Download
1118 Compaq Evo N620c (DJ204S#ABD) 25 Download
1119 Compaq Evo N620c (DJ237S#ABD) 27 Download
1120 Compaq Evo N620c (DJ270S#ABZ) 27 Download
1121 Compaq Evo N620c (DJ305S#ABF) 31 Download
1122 Compaq Evo N620c (DJ306S#ABF) 19 Download
1123 Compaq Evo N620c (DQ519P#ABG) 35 Download
1124 Compaq Evo N620c (DR427W#ABD) 16 Download
1125 Compaq Evo N620c (DU290S#ABZ) 18 Download
1126 Compaq Evo N620c (DU333S#ABF) 31 Download
1127 Compaq Evo N620c (DV224C#ABA) 20 Download
1128 Compaq Evo N620c (DW992C#ABA) 24 Download
1129 Compaq Evo N620c (DX166C#ABF) 17 Download
1130 Compaq Evo N620c (DX167C#ABF) 19 Download
1131 Compaq Evo N620c (DX169C#ABF) 19 Download
1132 Compaq Evo N620c (DX651C#ABD) 23 Download
1133 Compaq Evo N620c (DY421C#ABA) 18 Download
1134 Compaq Evo N620c (PF003US#ABA) 20 Download
1135 Compaq Evo N620c DE262A 17 Download
1136 Compaq Evo N620c DE264A 37 Download
1137 Compaq Evo N620c DE265A 27 Download
1138 Compaq Evo N620c DE267A 19 Download
1139 Compaq Evo N620c DE270A 20 Download
1140 Compaq Evo N620c DJ111S 21 Download
1141 Compaq Evo N620c DJ190S 38 Download
1142 Compaq Evo N620c DK856A 26 Download
1143 Compaq Evo N620c DL582S 34 Download
1144 Compaq Evo N620c PD169US#ABA 19 Download
1145 Compaq EVO N800c 14 Download
1146 Compaq Evo N800c (DC697AV) 17 Download
1147 Compaq Evo N800v 16 Download
1148 Compaq Evo N800w 14 Download
1149 Compaq Evo W4000 11 Download
1150 Compaq EvoD300v 10 Download
1151 Compaq EvoD510SFF 12 Download
1152 Compaq EVON800 32 Download
1153 Compaq EW003AA-ABZ SR1807IT IT620 20 Download
1154 Compaq EW006AA-ABZ SR1809IT IT620 18 Download
1155 Compaq EW008AA-ABZ SR1819IT IT620 29 Download
1156 Compaq EW009AA-ABZ SR1829IT IT620 27 Download
1157 Compaq EW012AA-ABZ SR1849IT IT620 33 Download
1158 Compaq EW014AA-ABZ SR1869IT IT620 25 Download
1159 Compaq EW025AA-B1V SR1819ND EL620 39 Download
1160 Compaq EW044AA-AK8 SR1819SF EL620 25 Download
1161 Compaq EW093AA-ABE SR1809ES ES620 13 Download
1162 Compaq EW094AA-ABF SR1815FR FR620 32 Download
1163 Compaq EW109AA-ABF SR1711FR FR610 17 Download
1164 Compaq EW204AA-ABF SR1801FR FR620 28 Download
1165 Compaq EW205AA-UUW SR1819SC EL620 14 Download
1166 Compaq EW211AA-ABA SR1800NX NA620 34 Download
1167 Compaq EW211AA-ABA SR1800NX NA621 28 Download
1168 Compaq EX248AA-ABM SR1815LA LA620 25 Download
1169 Compaq EX248AA-AKV SR1815LA LA620 33 Download
1170 Compaq EX300AA-ABH SR1727NL NL610 19 Download
1171 Compaq EX304AA-ABA SR1900NX NA630 33 Download
1172 Compaq EX305AA-ABA SR1902HM NA630 20 Download
1173 Compaq EX306AA-ABA SR1903WM NA630 36 Download
1174 Compaq EX307AA-ABA SR1907CL NA630 36 Download
1175 Compaq EX307AA-ABA SR1907CL NA631 26 Download
1176 Compaq EX310AA-ABA SR1910NX NA630 36 Download
1177 Compaq EX311AA-ABA SR1911X NA630 36 Download
1178 Compaq EX311AA-ABA SR1911X NA631 34 Download
1179 Compaq EX316AA-ABA SR1917CL NA670 35 Download
1180 Compaq EX316AA-ABA SR1917CL NA671 36 Download
1181 Compaq EX318AA-ABA SR1920NX NA630 36 Download
1182 Compaq EX318AA-ABA SR1920NX NA631 32 Download
1183 Compaq EX319AA-ABA SR1922X NA670 37 Download
1184 Compaq EX320AA-ABA SR1924NX NA670 34 Download
1185 Compaq EX321AA-ABA SR1930NX NA630 34 Download
1186 Compaq EX321AA-ABA SR1930NX NA631 15 Download
1187 Compaq EX325AA-ABA SR1950NX NA670 35 Download
1188 Compaq EX325AA-ABA SR1950NX NA671 27 Download
1189 Compaq EX360AV-ABA SR1930T NA630 42 Download
1190 Compaq EX360AV-ABA SR1930T NA670 41 Download
1191 Compaq EX361AV-ABA SR1900Z NA630 36 Download
1192 Compaq EX362AV-ABA SR1930Z NA630 25 Download
1193 Compaq EX362AV-ABA SR1930Z NA670 34 Download
1194 Compaq EX397AA-ABA SR1807CL NA620 36 Download
1195 Compaq EX407AA-ABZ SR1839IT IT620 28 Download
1196 Compaq EX410AA-AB4 SR1789CF AP620 33 Download
1197 Compaq EX411AA-AB4 SR1790CF SE610 28 Download
1198 Compaq EX421AA-AKV SR1902LS FD440 30 Download
1199 Compaq EX422AA-ABM SR1903LS FD440 17 Download
1200 Compaq EX423AA-ABM SR1915LA LA630 21 Download ©

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