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Compaq Laptops & Desktops

Compaq Computer Corporation is the American producer of personal computers. The corporation has at its disposal 17 factories that manufacture computer hardware in Great Britain, USA, Malaysia, Brazil and China.

It was created in 1982 by former Texas Instruments workers who were disappointed in management of their company. Originally, they planned to start creating peripheral devices (disc drives in particular) for already existing computers. However, they were convinced to get down to inventing their own PC.

The road to recognition began with the initial budget of 3.000 USD ($1.000 from each co-founder) and PC architecture outlined during dinner at one of the restaurants of Texas.

An advertising agency was entrusted to make up the name for the new company. Later, “Compaq” was interpreted as a word combination of “compatibility” and “quality”.

In the year of its creation, Compaq introduced its first invention – portable PC (Compaq Portable). This product is considered to be the predecessor of modern portable computers. It is totally IBM-compatible, i.e. it can launch the software designed for IBM personal computers. This portable PC was rather successful: around 53.000 devices were sold in one year. Compaq constituted a serious menace for IBM back then, because the machines it produced were more productive and cheaper.

For some time, Compaq was the largest computer producing company in the world: in 1998, it released more PC than its three rivals together.

In 2002, Compaq Corporation was amalgamated with HP but reserved the right to make products under its trade mark (particularly, personal computers, personal digital assistants and servers). At these times, its main competitors were Lenovo, Acer, Dell and Fujitsu-Siemens.

However, during 2000s, HP dismissed thousands of Compaq workers, Compaq’s share prices considerably decreased and it became unprofitable yielding in the market to Dell. In fact, Compaq ceased to exist as the independent company then.

In 2010, the last notebook under the Compaq Presario brand was assembled. Since then, all devices were produced as HP products.

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# Vendor Model Devices
401 Compaq DF262A-ABA S4010CL NA211 35 Download
402 Compaq DF263A-ABA S4110CL NA210 23 Download
403 Compaq DF263A-ABA S4110CL NA211 28 Download
404 Compaq DK202A-ABM S4010LA LA210 21 Download
405 Compaq Dk204a-abm s4030la la210 25 Download
406 Compaq DK208A-ABA S3310OM NA110 22 Download
407 Compaq DK214A-ABA S4020WM NA210 11 Download
408 Compaq DK214A-ABA S4020WM NA211 15 Download
409 Compaq DK216A-ABA S4120WM NA210 39 Download
410 Compaq DK231A-ABG S3120AN AN110 35 Download
411 Compaq DK232A-ABG S4040AN AN210 18 Download
412 Compaq DK233A-ABG S3270AN AN110 41 Download
413 Compaq DK242A-AB1 S4300KR KO210 18 Download
414 Compaq DK246A-ACJ S4020IL IN230 20 Download
415 Compaq DK247A-ACJ S4030IL IN230 12 Download
416 Compaq DK264A-AB0 S4120AP TW210 15 Download
417 Compaq DK267A-AB4 S4160AP SE210 15 Download
418 Compaq DK296A-ACJ S3350IN IN110 24 Download
419 Compaq DK301A-ABA s4500nx NA210 14 Download
420 Compaq DK310A-AB4 S4090AP SE210 13 Download
421 Compaq DK315A-ABG S3060AN AN110 11 Download
422 Compaq DK324A-AB4 S3130AX SE120 24 Download
423 Compaq DK331A-ABA S4010OM NA250 17 Download
424 Compaq DK331A-ABA S4010OM NA251 28 Download
425 Compaq DK332A-ABA S4210NX NA210 15 Download
426 Compaq DK332A-ABA S4210NX NA211 27 Download
427 Compaq DK333A-ABA S4300CL NA210 12 Download
428 Compaq DK333A-ABA S4300CL NA211 17 Download
429 Compaq DK380A-ABM S4020LA LA210 13 Download
430 Compaq DK381A-AKV S4010LS LA210 16 Download
431 Compaq DK382A-AKV S4020LS LA210 12 Download
432 Compaq DK396A-ABA S4220NX NA210 14 Download
433 Compaq DM002A-ABF S4790FR FR330 17 Download
434 Compaq DM002A-ABF S4790FR FR331 22 Download
435 Compaq DM004A-ABF S4190 FR330 29 Download
436 Compaq DM007A-ABF S4490FR FR330 19 Download
437 Compaq DM008A-ABF S4090 FR330 36 Download
438 Compaq DM011A-ABF S4290 FR330 16 Download
439 Compaq DM013A-ABF S4390 FR330 15 Download
440 Compaq DM013A-ABF S4390FR FR330 22 Download
441 Compaq DM014A-ABF S4400FR FR330 22 Download
442 Compaq DM015A-ABF S4590 FR330 17 Download
443 Compaq DM015A-ABF S4590FR FR330 34 Download
444 Compaq DM026A-ABU 5000 GB330 32 Download
445 Compaq DM026A-ABU S4150 GB330 19 Download
446 Compaq DM026A-ABU S4150UK GB330 19 Download
447 Compaq DM030A-ABU S4100 GB330 23 Download
448 Compaq DM032A-ABU S4490UK GB330 19 Download
449 Compaq DM033A-ABU S4500 GB330 32 Download
450 Compaq DM033A-ABU S4500UK GB330 36 Download
451 Compaq DM063A-ABH S5190NL NL340 37 Download
452 Compaq DM075A-ABZ S4290IT IT330 18 Download
453 Compaq DM076A-ABZ S4500IT IT330 28 Download
454 Compaq DM098A-ABN S4100 NO330 24 Download
455 Compaq DM102A-ABH S3750. NL110 33 Download
456 Compaq DM103A-ABH S3655. NL110 31 Download
457 Compaq DM104A-ABH S3650. NL110 23 Download
458 Compaq DM105A-ABH S3550 NL110 29 Download
459 Compaq DM109A-ABS 8740SE SV330 20 Download
460 Compaq DM110A-ABS 8780SE SV330 25 Download
461 Compaq DM111A-ABS 8760SE SV330 36 Download
462 Compaq DM115A-ABS S4200SE SV330 38 Download
463 Compaq DM118A-ABS S4300SE SV330 27 Download
464 Compaq DM120A-ABS 8770SE SV330 20 Download
465 Compaq DM123A-ABY S4100DK DK330 20 Download
466 Compaq DM133A-ABX S4200 FI330 37 Download
467 Compaq DM142A-ABA S4214BD NA210 15 Download
468 Compaq DM145A-ABM S5010LA LA310 15 Download
469 Compaq DM146A-ABM S5020LA LA310 14 Download
470 Compaq DM171A-ABA S5000NX NA310 20 Download
471 Compaq DM171A-ABA S5000NX NA311 24 Download
472 Compaq DM172A-ABA S5100NX NA310 15 Download
473 Compaq DM172A-ABA S5100NX NA311 31 Download
474 Compaq DM173A-ABA S5200NX NA310 12 Download
475 Compaq DM173A-ABA S5200NX NA311 24 Download
476 Compaq DM174A-ABA S5300NX NA310 15 Download
477 Compaq DM174A-ABA S5300NX NA311 26 Download
478 Compaq DM175A-ABA S5400NX NA310 20 Download
479 Compaq DM175A-ABA S5400NX NA311 27 Download
480 Compaq DM197A-ABA S5140WM NA310 17 Download
481 Compaq DMO33A-ABU S4500UK GB330 21 Download
482 Compaq DN000A-ABA S5030NX NA310 17 Download
483 Compaq DN024A-ABA S5000CL NA310 14 Download
484 Compaq DN024A-ABA S5000CL NA311 18 Download
485 Compaq DN025A-ABA S5200CL NA310 16 Download
486 Compaq DN025A-ABA S5200CL NA311 26 Download
487 Compaq DN032A-ABA S5010NX NA310 12 Download
488 Compaq DN039A-ABG S5010AN AN310 17 Download
489 Compaq DN040A-ABG S5020AN AN310 12 Download
490 Compaq DN041A-ABG S5040AN AN310 16 Download
491 Compaq DN058A-ACJ S5010IL IN330 12 Download
492 Compaq DN059A-ACJ S5030IL IN330 19 Download
493 Compaq DN076A-AB0 S5280AP TW310 26 Download
494 Compaq DN089A-ABG S5030AN AN310 35 Download
495 Compaq DN146A-ABA S5410NX NA310 36 Download
496 Compaq DN166A-ABF S5200FR FR340 37 Download
497 Compaq DN167A-ABF S5400FR FR340 40 Download
498 Compaq DN172A-ABU S5600UK GB340 21 Download
499 Compaq DN184A-ABY S5200DK DK340 29 Download
500 Compaq DQ016A-ABN S5200NO NO340 33 Download ©

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