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Toshiba Laptops & Desktops

Japanese quality is what customers all over the world seek in modern electronic and computing devices. This quality implies a state-of-the-art functionality, utmost efficiency, and perfection in every detail. Well, that might be all attributed to Toshiba’s products which have always been distinguished by those characteristics.

The first references about Toshiba date back to the 19th century, but it was not earlier than 1930s that it entered engineering and consumer electronics market. Nowadays it is one of the most influential global corporations with 210.000 workforce and worldwide operations. As of 2010, the conglomerate was declared the fourth-largest designer of semiconductors and the fifth-largest PC vendor (both by revenues).

Toshiba Corporation organizes its work over two basic principles: commitment to people and commitment to the future. The first strategy presumes serving to all customers, shareholders and employees in the best way possible, whereas the second strategy focuses on the development of the next-generation technologies that are to help in educating a healthy society.

Such ambitious mission allowed the company to become a pioneer in a variety of industries. For instance, it was the first to introduce such home appliances as washing machines and fridges in far 1930, the first to launch a microwave oven in 1959, and, moreover, the first to release a laptop PC in 1985!

To continue, Toshiba’s operations are organized around four chief businesses:

  • Digital Products Group that specializes in the elaboration of PCs, tablets, Blu-ray optical items, TVs, and their components;
  • Electronic Devices Group takes pride in proprietary semiconductors, storage devices (HDD/SSD), displays, sensors, transistors, MOSFETs, memory (NAND, MCP, SDHC), logic/linear ICs, wireless communication equipment, automotive devices;
  • Home Appliances Group that lays emphasis on the manufacture of refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, lighting solutions, vacuum cleaners, batteries;
  • Social Infrastructure Group caters for the needs of medical care, transportation, public services, and engineering areas by designing CT/MRI scanners, power systems and transmission, elevators, security and air-traffic control systems, insulator products, measuring instruments, processing systems, multifunction peripherals, and so on.

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# Vendor Model Devices
401 Toshiba Dynabook EX1/524CDE 32 Download
402 Toshiba Dynabook EX1/524CDEN 28 Download
403 Toshiba Dynabook EX1/524CDET 28 Download
404 Toshiba Dynabook EX1/524CDETB 22 Download
405 Toshiba Dynabook EX1/524CDETV 27 Download
406 Toshiba Dynabook EX1/524CMEWD 34 Download
407 Toshiba Dynabook EX1/524CMH 18 Download
408 Toshiba Dynabook EX1/524CWE 26 Download
409 Toshiba DynaBook G3/510PME 19 Download
410 Toshiba DynaBook G4/510PME 31 Download
411 Toshiba DynaBook G4/U17PME 23 Download
412 Toshiba DynaBook G5/X14PME 31 Download
413 Toshiba DynaBook G5/X16PME 23 Download
414 Toshiba DynaBook G6/U18PDEW 20 Download
415 Toshiba DynaBook G6/X18PDE 19 Download
416 Toshiba DynaBook G6/X18PME 27 Download
417 Toshiba DynaBook G6C/X18CME 32 Download
418 Toshiba DynaBook G7/520CDEC 18 Download
419 Toshiba DynaBook G7/U24PDDW 23 Download
420 Toshiba DynaBook G7/X19PDE 20 Download
421 Toshiba DynaBook G7/X19PDEW 26 Download
422 Toshiba DynaBook G7C/520CDE 23 Download
423 Toshiba DynaBook G8U25PDDW 20 Download
424 Toshiba DynaBook G8X20PDEW2 31 Download
425 Toshiba DynaBook G9/X24PDCWTB 24 Download
426 Toshiba Dynabook KIRA V632/26HS 23 Download
427 Toshiba Dynabook KIRA V632/W2THS 32 Download
428 Toshiba Dynabook KIRA V634/27KS 23 Download
429 Toshiba Dynabook KIRA V634/28KS 24 Download
430 Toshiba Dynabook KIRA V634/W7K 20 Download
431 Toshiba Dynabook KIRA V832/28HS 22 Download
432 Toshiba Dynabook KIRA V832/W2UHS 32 Download
433 Toshiba Dynabook KIRA V834/28KS 15 Download
434 Toshiba Dynabook KIRA V834/29KS 18 Download
435 Toshiba Dynabook MX/33KBL 28 Download
436 Toshiba Dynabook MX/33KRD 28 Download
437 Toshiba Dynabook MX/33KWH 31 Download
438 Toshiba Dynabook MX/33LBL 26 Download
439 Toshiba Dynabook MX/33LBLYD 24 Download
440 Toshiba Dynabook MX/33LRD 33 Download
441 Toshiba Dynabook MX/33LWH 30 Download
442 Toshiba Dynabook MX/34KWH 30 Download
443 Toshiba Dynabook MX/34MBL 36 Download
444 Toshiba Dynabook MX/34MRD 37 Download
445 Toshiba Dynabook MX/34MWH 38 Download
446 Toshiba Dynabook MX/36MBL 37 Download
447 Toshiba Dynabook MX/36MRD 36 Download
448 Toshiba Dynabook MX/36MWH 27 Download
449 Toshiba Dynabook MX/43KWH 31 Download
450 Toshiba Dynabook MX/43LWH 39 Download
451 Toshiba Dynabook N200/01C 26 Download
452 Toshiba Dynabook N200/02AC 26 Download
453 Toshiba Dynabook N200/02C 23 Download
454 Toshiba Dynabook N200/03AC 27 Download
455 Toshiba Dynabook N201/02E 24 Download
456 Toshiba Dynabook N300/02AC 25 Download
457 Toshiba Dynabook N300/02AD 32 Download
458 Toshiba Dynabook N300/02AG 33 Download
459 Toshiba Dynabook N300/02CC 26 Download
460 Toshiba Dynabook N300/02CD 26 Download
461 Toshiba Dynabook N300/02CG 31 Download
462 Toshiba Dynabook N300/02DC 25 Download
463 Toshiba Dynabook N300/02DD 24 Download
464 Toshiba Dynabook N300/02DG 29 Download
465 Toshiba Dynabook N301/02EC 26 Download
466 Toshiba Dynabook N301/02ED 26 Download
467 Toshiba Dynabook N301/02EG 25 Download
468 Toshiba Dynabook N510/04AB 39 Download
469 Toshiba Dynabook N510/04AR 35 Download
470 Toshiba Dynabook N510/04BB 36 Download
471 Toshiba Dynabook N510/04BR 35 Download
472 Toshiba Dynabook N510/04BW 36 Download
473 Toshiba Dynabook N510/06AB 34 Download
474 Toshiba Dynabook N510/06AW 33 Download
475 Toshiba Dynabook N510/E04BW 34 Download
476 Toshiba Dynabook N514/25K 15 Download
477 Toshiba Dynabook N514/25L 22 Download
478 Toshiba Dynabook NX/76GBL 32 Download
479 Toshiba Dynabook NX/76GPK 22 Download
480 Toshiba Dynabook NX/76GWH 24 Download
481 Toshiba Dynabook NX/76HBL 41 Download
482 Toshiba Dynabook NX/76HWHS 35 Download
483 Toshiba Dynabook NX/76JBL 30 Download
484 Toshiba Dynabook NX/76JWH 26 Download
485 Toshiba Dynabook NX/78GBL 27 Download
486 Toshiba Dynabook NX/78HBL 40 Download
487 Toshiba Dynabook NX/78JBL 24 Download
488 Toshiba Dynabook NX/78KBL 22 Download
489 Toshiba Dynabook NXE/76HE 24 Download
490 Toshiba Dynabook NXW/76HPW 27 Download
491 Toshiba DynaBook P5/522PME 25 Download
492 Toshiba DynaBook P7/X28PME 26 Download
493 Toshiba DynaBook P8/X28PDE 26 Download
494 Toshiba Dynabook PX/31H 26 Download
495 Toshiba Dynabook PX/32J 25 Download
496 Toshiba Dynabook PX/34J 33 Download
497 Toshiba Dynabook PX/410DL 20 Download
498 Toshiba Dynabook PX/50GT 33 Download
499 Toshiba Dynabook PX/51D 31 Download
500 Toshiba Dynabook PX/51E 30 Download ©

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