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Sharp Corporation has been out in the global electronics market for more than a century. This Japanese manufacturer managed to surprise the customers from time to time by unrivaled inventions, starting from the ever-sharp mechanical pencil in 1915 and finishing with IGZO technology in 2012. Let’s take a look at the most significant aspects of Sharp’s operation.

Company’s Profile. Sharp’s main building is headquartered in Abeno-ku, Osaka. As of end of March, 2014, the consolidated workforce counted 50.253 employees (as domestic so overseas ones). The company’s name derives from the very first item manufactured by Tokuji Hayakawa – ever-sharp mechanical pencil. Later on, it got universal fame for the introduction of the world’s first commercial camera phone in 1997.

Products & Sales. Nowadays Sharp focuses its operation on the development of multiple goods for home and office: cellular phones, video projectors, LCD panels, MFP devices, monitors, air conditioners, microwave ovens, flash memory, CMOS sensors, photocopiers, laser printers, cash registers, visual entertainment equipment, and many others. The vendor is considered to be the fifth-largest TV manufacturer in the world, yielding to LG, Sony, Panasonic, and Samsung. Its consolidated sales index for the 2013 fiscal year makes up 2.927.186 million yen.

Innovations. The Corporation takes pride in the implementation of a revolutionary IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) technology into display manufacture. It was the first to integrate transparent crystalline oxide semiconductor into consumer- and professional-oriented monitors. IGZO’s key advantage is low power consumption and prolonged battery life. Since this technology dramatically changed the way we perceive visual information, it was, further on, widely incorporated into tablets and smartphones.

Future plans. While 4K monitors and panels are only expanding their glory across the globe, Sharp has already outlined ambitious plans to elaborate devices with 8K resolution till 2020. In fact, the company has been sweating over 8K prototypes for years, so it cherishes hopes to get to the point till the scheduled date.

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# Vendor Model Devices
1 Sharp DJ5x series 11 Download
2 Sharp PC-AE Series 20 Download
3 Sharp PC-AL Series 30 Download
4 Sharp PC-AL3D 25 Download
5 Sharp PC-AV18 15 Download
6 Sharp PC-AX 15 Download
7 Sharp PC-AX Series 22 Download
8 Sharp PC-CB1 Series 13 Download
9 Sharp PC-CL/MC 14 Download
10 Sharp PC-CL1 22 Download
11 Sharp PC-CL1/MC1 13 Download
12 Sharp PC-CL10/CL11 23 Download
13 Sharp PC-CS Series 21 Download
14 Sharp PC-CS/CH Series 27 Download
15 Sharp PC-CW Series 24 Download
16 Sharp PC-CW2 Series 21 Download
17 Sharp PC-FS2 Series 14 Download
18 Sharp PC-FW Series 19 Download
19 Sharp PC-GP1 12 Download
20 Sharp PC-GP1 Series 25 Download
21 Sharp PC-GP2 13 Download
22 Sharp PC-MC 22 Download
23 Sharp PC-MM Series 34 Download
24 Sharp PC-MM1 23 Download
25 Sharp PC-MM20 Series 13 Download
26 Sharp PC-MP Series 17 Download
27 Sharp PC-MR Series 26 Download
28 Sharp PC-MT2 37 Download
29 Sharp PC-MV1 39 Download
30 Sharp PC-MV1-VC1 16 Download
31 Sharp PC-MV10 40 Download
32 Sharp PC-MW Series 18 Download
33 Sharp PC-NH50GN 14 Download
34 Sharp PC-NJ Series 19 Download
35 Sharp PC-PM2 28 Download
36 Sharp PC-RD1 17 Download
37 Sharp PC-RD3D 20 Download
38 Sharp PC-SV1 Series 31 Download
39 Sharp PC-SV_XV Series 18 Download
40 Sharp PC-SX Series 16 Download
41 Sharp PC-TX-G 30 Download
42 Sharp PC-TX-J 30 Download
43 Sharp PC-TX-K 19 Download
44 Sharp PC-UM1 Series 20 Download
45 Sharp PC-WE/WT Series 26 Download
46 Sharp PC_WA Series 19 Download
47 Sharp PC_XG Series 24 Download
48 Sharp TA-H10/S10 11 Download
49 Sharp TA-H10L/S10L 20 Download
50 Sharp VT8603 11 Download ©

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