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Intel Laptops & Desktops

Intel Corporation is the American company that is the world’s leader in semiconductor design, manufacturing and marketing (chipsets, motherboards, microprocessors, wireless and wired products). The main branches are microprocessors and chipsets production that makes about 80 percent of the world’s market share. The components by Intel are included not only in desktops, but also in laptops, tablets, and smartphones, as well as in medical, industrial, and automobile equipment.

Intel Corp. started working in 1968 due to Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce’s initiative. Today, its headquarters are in Santa Clara, California. For example, in contrast to such famous company as Acer that started with $25.000 only, Intel got off the mark with 2.5 million dollars initial capital guided by respected, perspective and experienced specialists.

In 1981, IBM chose Intel to create processors for its personal computers.

In 1990s, Intel launched producing motherboards which included networking and graphic chips as their components.

Dell and Hewlett-Packard companies are Intel’s most important partners. Still, it has been fighting for superiority in the market against Samsung Electronics Co., Texas Instruments Incorporated and AMD.

In 2000, Intel was involved into a scandal. AMD Inc. accused it in abusing its leading position and filed an antimonopoly action. In 2009, the verdict of guilty was brought in, and $1.45 billion fine was imposed on Intel. While investigating the circumstances, it was revealed that since 2002 till 2007 Intel was bribing such companies as HP, Lenovo, NEC, Acer and Dell to refuse using AMD production. Soon, Intel appealed and spread the information that the companies mentioned above preferred Intel only due to its high-quality products; bribing was out of question. In the long run, Intel lost $1.25 billion, and AMD committed itself to withdraw the lawsuits all over the world.

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# Vendor Model Devices
501 Intel WSG52K25W7E-0017 23 Download
502 Intel WSG52K55W7-0034 20 Download
503 Intel X300 20 Download
504 Intel D91 23 Download
505 Intel AUTOPTAH61 25 Download
506 Intel C76H 21 Download
507 Intel D101956 20 Download
508 Intel D865GCK 20 Download
509 Intel D865GMR 18 Download
510 Intel D945GCLF 19 Download
511 Intel Intel D945-GCPE 24 Download
512 Intel J4250 25 Download
513 Intel LC-72T06/A040 27 Download
514 Intel MG101A5 28 Download
515 Intel PHI102B 23 Download
516 Intel PRODUCT0 19 Download
517 Intel S2400BB 49 Download
518 Intel S3200SHX 32 Download
519 Intel S3420GPC 26 Download
520 Intel SBD2B016 32 Download
521 Intel Thin Client Plus 22 Download
522 Intel Wa414-scms 28 Download
523 Intel WIV37205-0177 19 Download
524 Intel WIV48105-0012 26 Download
525 Intel WIV59605-0010 19 Download
526 Intel WIV59605-0011 26 Download
527 Intel WIV68105-0028 25 Download
528 Intel WIV68105-0053 20 Download
529 Intel WIV68105-0091 20 Download
530 Intel WIV68105-0119 24 Download
531 Intel WIV68105-0268 19 Download
532 Intel WIV68805-0003 16 Download
533 Intel WIV68805-0074 22 Download
534 Intel WIV68805-0086 21 Download
535 Intel WIV68805-0145 24 Download
536 Intel WIV68805-0202 24 Download
537 Intel WIV68805-S-0008 23 Download
538 Intel WIV68805-S-0009 28 Download
539 Intel WIV68805-S-0010 32 Download
540 Intel WIV70105-0090 27 Download
541 Intel WSG52K55W7S-0005 25 Download
542 Intel WSG52K55W7S-0016 19 Download ©

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