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Dell Laptops & Desktops

Dell Inc. is the American company that is one of the largest and the most perspective in the field of computer manufacturing in the world. Its headquarters are in Round Rock, Texas. Still, Dell does not focus on computer manufacture only; it produces notebooks, personal digital assistants, memory storage devices and the like.

It was founded by Michael Dell in 1984. In fact, Michael was studying to become a dentist. Being 19, he sold several computers which were assembled by him. This business seemed very promising and profitable. So, Dell quitted the university and established own PC’s Limited company with the start-up budget of 1.000 USD.

From the very first day of its existence, Dell’s company has been following three principal rules: never sell through intermediaries; forget about stock resources; respect a client. Such a business model was revolutionary back then; there were doubts that it would work out. Meanwhile, due to the absence of intermediaries, the prices for the company’s products were much lower than its competitors’that has attracted the audience up to now. Apart from reasonable prices, this economic model has one more advantage: Dell’s customers can connect the producer personally to complain of the shortcomings found. Also, Dell is the first company in computer producing area that began selling its devices via the Internet. All this allowed it to increase the profit from $300.000 (during the first years of the company’s functioning) to $50 billion.

In 2006, Dell bought Alienware, the American computer hardware producer. Alienware’s working sphere is personal computers and notebooks assembling, as well as manufacturing computer peripherals like mice, keyboards, monitors, headsets. Alienware’s peculiarity is that it is oriented to video gamers.

Dell is also guided by its philosophy concerning working with clients: a client is to be supplied with the exact computer needed; it is assembled as soon as possible; technical support is always provided.

Nowadays, Dell Corp. has representative offices not only in the USA and Europe, but in Japan too. Furthermore, it is the Asian subsidiary that is the most prosperous.

Dell’s proceeds for 2011 fiscal year are $61.5 billion; net profit makes $2.6 billion; market capitalization rate in the beginning of 2012 came to 30 billion USD.

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# Vendor Model Devices
801 Dell XPS 9Q23 23 Download
802 Dell XPS A2020 40 Download
803 Dell XPS A2420 39 Download
804 Dell XPS Duo 12 9Q33 20 Download
805 Dell XPS L322X 25 Download
806 Dell XPS L401X 36 Download
807 Dell XPS L412Z 24 Download
808 Dell XPS L421X 26 Download
809 Dell XPS L501X 39 Download
810 Dell XPS L521X 34 Download
811 Dell XPS L701X 41 Download
812 Dell XPS M1330 33 Download
813 Dell XPS M1530 35 Download
814 Dell XPS One 2710 31 Download
815 Dell XPS-Z 14 Download
816 Dell XPS1000 23 Download
817 Dell XPS13 9333 17 Download
818 Dell XPS14Z 26 Download
819 Dell XPS15R-4728 18 Download
820 Dell XPS733 26 Download
821 Dell XPS800 16 Download
822 Dell XPS866 29 Download
823 Dell XPSR400 23 Download
824 Dell XPSR450 34 Download
825 Dell XPST450 12 Download
826 Dell XPST500 10 Download
827 Dell XPST550 13 Download
828 Dell XPST600 34 Download
829 Dell XPST700 12 Download
830 Dell XPST800 34 Download
831 Dell XPST850 28 Download
832 Dell XS23-TY3 30 Download
833 Dell Zz 5523 22 Download
834 Dell Inspiron 11 - 3147 19 Download
835 Dell Inspiron 15R 24 Download
836 Dell Inspiron 2340 23 Download
837 Dell Inspiron 3531 20 Download
838 Dell Inspiron 3541 15 Download
839 Dell Inspiron 3646 26 Download
840 Dell Inspiron 5748 22 Download
841 Dell Inspiron 7347 18 Download
842 Dell Inspiron 7547 18 Download
843 Dell Inspiron N5020 29 Download
844 Dell Latitude 7350 10 Download
845 Dell Latitude 7450 19 Download
846 Dell Latitude CPt V466GT 7 Download
847 Dell Latitude CPx J700GT 11 Download
848 Dell Latitude CPx J750>7 9 Download
849 Dell Latitude E5550 14 Download
850 Dell OptiPlex 3030 AIO 22 Download
851 Dell OptiPlex G1 400L+ 13 Download
852 Dell OptiPlex GX1 600S+ 10 Download
853 Dell PowerEdge 1300/600 12 Download
854 Dell PowerEdge 1500SC 7 Download
855 Dell PowerEdge C5220 10 Download
856 Dell PowerEdge R220 22 Download
857 Dell PowerVault NX3200 47 Download
858 Dell Precision M2800 25 Download
859 Dell Venue 11 Pro 7139 20 Download
860 Dell Vostro 3445 11 Download
861 Dell XPS 13-4508(Spain) 27 Download
862 Dell XPS15-1528 22 Download ©

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