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ASUS Laptops & Desktops

ASUSTek Computer Inc. (as a rule, called ASUS) is the international Taiwan company that specializes in designing and producing computer hardware, namely laptops, tablets, desktop computers, motherboards, video cards, mobile phones, personal digital assistants, servers, cooling systems, computer monitors, networking devices, different computer components.

In 2007, every third PC sold in the world was equipped with ASUS motherboard; and in 2013, ASUS ranked fifth in the list of the world’s largest PC suppliers after Lenovo, HP, Dell and Acer.

ASUS was created in 1989 by four computer engineers, who previously worked at Acer. The name of the company comes from “Pegasus”, the immortal winged horse, which symbolizes new philosophy and consciousness. Four last letters beginning with A are taken for the company’s name intentionally to put it higher in a handlist.

In 2006, ASUS introduced a new trade mark, “Republic of Gamers” (ROG). Computer hardware (notebooks, motherboards and video adapters), developed especially for gamers, is produced under this brand. They are high-end products, which use the components of high-quality and the latest ASUS technologies.

In 2007, ASUS conducted a technical revolution in the market of portable devices introducing Eee PC series. Eee PC performs the same functions as a standard notebook and looks alike, but smaller and lighter. It is called “netbook”.

However, in 2013 the company had to terminate Eee PC production because of slow sales – customers switched their attention to ultrabooks and tablets.

Instead, in December 2010, ASUS started the development of 19 mm thick ASUS U36 notebook based on Intel processor, the thinnest in the world.

January 2008, ASUS announced the company’s reorganization. Since then, it consists of three independent units; each of them is responsible for its particular business area. In such a way, ASUS markets the products under its trading mark; Pegatron is engaged in contract manufacturing of computer technical equipment; Unihan takes orders for equipment production that does not relate to computers (computer cases, for example).

Among the latest inventions by ASUS are ASUS FonePad 8 (tablet), ASUS ZenFone (smartphone) and ASUS ZenWatch (smartwatch).

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# Vendor Model Devices
1301 ASUS X750LA 23 Download
1302 ASUS X750LB 25 Download
1303 ASUS X750LN 24 Download
1304 ASUS X751LA 26 Download
1305 ASUS X751LD 27 Download
1306 ASUS X75A 22 Download
1307 ASUS X75A1 25 Download
1308 ASUS X75VB 22 Download
1309 ASUS X75VBP 31 Download
1310 ASUS X75VC 25 Download
1311 ASUS X75VCP 21 Download
1312 ASUS X75VD 30 Download
1313 ASUS X75VD1 25 Download
1314 ASUS X80H 31 Download
1315 ASUS Z35F 34 Download
1316 ASUS Z35FM 31 Download
1317 ASUS Z35HL 31 Download
1318 ASUS Z61Ae 23 Download
1319 ASUS Z62E 31 Download
1320 ASUS Z62FM 29 Download
1321 ASUS Z62FP 31 Download
1322 ASUS Z65R 21 Download
1323 ASUS Z82N 26 Download
1324 ASUS Z84J 32 Download
1325 ASUS Z94L 17 Download
1326 ASUS Z96F 32 Download
1327 ASUS Z96H 33 Download
1328 ASUS Z96Hm 22 Download
1329 ASUS Z96JP 35 Download
1330 ASUS Z96S 31 Download
1331 ASUS Z9NA-D6 48 Download
1332 ASUS Z9NA-D6C 47 Download
1333 ASUS Z9PA-D8 Series 47 Download
1334 ASUS Z9PA-U8 Series 48 Download
1335 ASUS Z9PE-D16 Series 47 Download
1336 ASUS Z9PE-D8 WS 49 Download
1337 ASUS “1005HAG” 35 Download
1338 ASUS B85M-E/CSM 26 Download
1339 ASUS BM1AD1_D410MT 21 Download
1340 ASUS BM2AD_D510MT 26 Download
1341 ASUS BP5220 26 Download
1342 ASUS BP5275 28 Download
1343 ASUS BT1AH 24 Download
1344 ASUS EB1036 17 Download
1345 ASUS EB1037 25 Download
1346 ASUS Eee PC 28 Download
1347 ASUS ESC2000 G2 48 Download
1348 ASUS ET1603 26 Download
1349 ASUS G550JK 28 Download
1350 ASUS G55XI361VW-BL 26 Download
1351 ASUS H87I-PLUS 17 Download
1352 ASUS H87M-PLUSCSM 27 Download
1353 ASUS K30BF_M32BF 20 Download
1354 ASUS KFN32-D SLI/SAS 33 Download
1355 ASUS M4N78SE 19 Download
1356 ASUS N56XI361VZ-SL 30 Download
1357 ASUS N81De 29 Download
1358 ASUS NCLV-D 22 Download
1359 ASUS NCLV-DS 26 Download
1360 ASUS P5GDC Pro 21 Download
1361 ASUS P5KPL AM-SE 28 Download
1362 ASUS P5L-MX/IPAT 31 Download
1363 ASUS P5M2P-E/4L 37 Download
1364 ASUS R50A 17 Download
1365 ASUS S56X3317CM-SL 19 Download
1366 ASUS T200TA 7 Download
1367 ASUS TD300LA 16 Download
1368 ASUS TS100-E6-PI4 28 Download
1369 ASUS TS300-E3/PS4 22 Download
1370 ASUS TS500-E2/RS4 21 Download
1371 ASUS UX303LN 16 Download
1372 ASUS X450LN 25 Download
1373 ASUS X453MA 25 Download
1374 ASUS X750JN 23 Download ©

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