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Alienware is the American company, the producer of computer hardware, which was founded in 1996 by Alex Aguila and Nelson Gonzalez. Its headquarters are in Miami, Florida.

At first, it was a relatively small company which collaborated only with six countries and needed just four languages to perform its functions. It was so until 2006, when Dell Inc. bought it. Since then, Alienware is its subsidiary.

Alienware’s working sphere is personal computers and notebooks assembling, taking the components from different producers. Besides, it produces computer peripherals like mice, keyboards, monitors, headsets.

Alienware’s peculiarity is that it is oriented to video gamers who care about the quality of gaming. This company was initially created to improve this process. That’s why its creations can be used for complex graphic applications.

The company has always focused on a unique exterior appearance and high-end productivity, especially in graphics. It is interesting that Alienware’s inventions are marked by unusual aliens’ image (including its logo).

However, the company is famous not only due to extraterrestrial design theme; it regularly pleasantly surprises audience with innovations. Alienware is the first company that introduced gaming notebook, notebook with dual graphics, technology of liquid cooling, etc.

Alienware does not have plentiful creations to boast of, but each of them is the best par excellence: two desktop play stations, three models of gaming notebooks, accessories line, etc.

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# Vendor Model Devices
1 Alienware 223EI 30 Download
2 Alienware A7631001 38 Download
3 Alienware Alienware 16 Download
4 Alienware Alienware 14 29 Download
5 Alienware Alienware 17 27 Download
6 Alienware Alienware 18 26 Download
7 Alienware Alienware M17 37 Download
8 Alienware Alienware X51 26 Download
9 Alienware Alienware X51 R2 21 Download
10 Alienware Area 51 39 Download
11 Alienware Area-51 20 Download
12 Alienware Area-51 7500 R6 8 Download
13 Alienware Area-51 ALX X58 33 Download
14 Alienware Area-51 m9750 30 Download
15 Alienware Area-51 R6 20 Download
16 Alienware Area-51 R7 29 Download
17 Alienware Area-51 X58 28 Download
18 Alienware Area-51m:Sentia 18 Download
19 Alienware Asus P5KPL-AM SE 24 Download
20 Alienware Aurora 33 Download
21 Alienware Aurora m9700 34 Download
22 Alienware Aurora R5 23 Download
23 Alienware Aurora-R2 31 Download
24 Alienware Aurora-R3 30 Download
25 Alienware Aurora-R4 48 Download
26 Alienware D900K 28 Download
27 Alienware M11x 31 Download
28 Alienware M11x R2 35 Download
29 Alienware M11xR3 29 Download
30 Alienware M14xR1 24 Download
31 Alienware M14xR2 32 Download
32 Alienware M15x 38 Download
33 Alienware M17x 35 Download
34 Alienware M17x - R1 Series 36 Download
35 Alienware M17xR3 29 Download
36 Alienware M17xR4 30 Download
37 Alienware M18xR1 35 Download
38 Alienware M18xR2 35 Download
39 Alienware M5500i-R3 28 Download
40 Alienware M5700I-R2 34 Download
41 Alienware P53IN1 22 Download
42 Alienware P71EN 25 Download
43 Alienware P72IN1 28 Download
44 Alienware S875PWP2 36 Download
45 Alienware Sentia 39 Download
46 Alienware Area-51 7500 29 Download ©

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